oh glorious date night

A few weeks ago I compiled a feverishly researched list of things I want to do and places I want to eat in Seattle. Being so new to the city, I knew the majority of these dinners were going to be date nights with just the two of us. I couldn’t even remember the last time David and I had been on a date night. Since we don’t have kids and have seemingly spent forever together I just kinda didn’t care. Yes, I want to go out, try new places, enjoy the city, but I just wasn’t particularly enchanted with the idea of date night. I guess the whole date night phrase has a way of putting me off. We would go out to dinner together, but in a pragmatic way. I am not sure what I was thinking… the coterie
On Friday morning I got a message from my uncle telling me that Selected Shorts had a live show playing in Seattle on Saturday. I jumped on those tickets. I am a long time listener of NPR, a This American Life fanatic, and a lover of Selected Shorts. Somehow, I didn’t realize that they toured, that I could see the performances live, until a conversation with my uncle on Easter. Saturday evening David and I gussied up and headed out the door, on foot (hoping there wouldn’t be another unexpected hail storm) to an early dinner at The Coterie.

Oh, it was so good. The food was amazing. A fresh take on cracklins and some addictive flaky buttermilk fried chicken with honey drizzle. Some of the best fried chicken I have ever had, and in Seattle! We drank wine, talked about Europe, both old memories and vacation planning, laughed…took self-indulgent photos. I honestly didn’t know how much we needed this time until we were in the middle of it. Every so often you experience something that just rights your soul and clears your head, and that was this night.
david  b&w
seattle sunset toast
“Funny Food Fiction” was such a good show. It was at The Moore Theater, hosted by Sonia Manzano. You know, Sonia Manzano aka Maria from Sesame Street? Kinda cool. The theater was absolutely unpretentious from the outside, but was a fully garnished little gem on the inside. We didn’t have one, but during intermission were was a person making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches on an electric skillet. A great mix of luxe and humor.
bc859f92a4b711e28b9422000a1f8af5_7 david peek
As for the show, Denis O’Hare, crazy ass Russell Edgington from True Blood or SVU or American Horror Story, read the first story- “Healthy Start” by Etgar Keret. He. Was. Awesome. We lingered after the show to catch another look, but that interesting man donned in a jaunty fedora didn’t appear to us. The show is simple. The actors stood on a simple stage and animatedly read beautiful fiction. It was so satisfying. Next, Kirsten Vangsness, who I was not familiar with but stars on Criminal Minds, read “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. The story and her reading blew me away. Lastly, Sonia read “Wes Amerigo’s Giant Fear” by David Schickler. The story was enchanting. The kind that you don’t want to end and you savor and swish around like a good wine.

This was the perfect night to remind me why date nights matter, why I have to push myself out the door no matter my mood, why trying new things in new places brings people together. Just a glittering, dream of a night. Thank you, uncle Andy, for pointing out the show. Thank you David for being such a great date. Thank you girl at the theater for stopping me to tell me that you loved my earrings. I mean… right? Me too.
david and chelsea theater


  1. I used to feel the same way about planned “date nights” but then my fiancé and I started going out for Friday morning coffee dates. We usually make our coffee at home and gulp down cereal before rushing off to work, so our coffee dates are now something I look forward to all week!

  2. Great post! Fun times like these with your partner, I think, are so important not only for your relationship but also for each person individually. Between my husband and I, I am the worrier and the serious one most of the time and sometimes I just want to be the fun girl, date nights allow me to be that person. I liked your earrings as well but I loved your red lips. Thank you again for sharing.

  3. Miss Kat

    I dont think I can even manage to tell you how much I loved this post and all of the happiness it was filled with. Love you both!

  4. What a perfect evening! John and I don’t have true date nights very often but they’re always so restorative when we do–maybe it’s time to make them a more regular thing!

    • That is what I was thinking.. but then I wondered if it making it too regular makes it less special? I don’t know. I am sure you and John are just too charming on a date night. xo

  5. How fun!! Sounds like the perfect evening. We have date nights every once in a while. With kids you need them for sure. They make a difference. I remember when I was new to Dallas going around and trying every new restaurant I would read about. SO much fun! ENjoy exploring your new city!

  6. These pictures are absolutely darling (and you look gorgeous!) You and the mister are such a great looking couple xo

  7. Oh heavens – you are gorgeous. Seattle looks like it’s out of a movie. You and J are perfect.

  8. love your earrings SO much! actually, I love your whole outfit!


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