our five thanksgivings

I am nostalgic, I love traditions. I have been known to feel nostalgic and sentimental while in the moment, creating said traditions.

Last year David and I were stranded in Houston and decided to embrace having thanksgiving for two. This year, that obviously wouldn’t be the case since we are back in Dallas and temporarily living with my mom. But I got excited about the Thanksgivings of my childhood, filled with cousins and food. When I found out that that wasn’t really happening, I will admit that my first instinct was to throw the towel in and give up on Thanksgiving. Luckily, I ditched the attitude, stopped moping, and decided to try and hit up all the thanksgiving festivities that we were invited to. It was super… find photos and more after the jump.

On Tuesday, we had a mini family celebration at my mom’s. It included my step-sister, aunt, uncle, gorgeous cousins (see above) and some fabulous lamb burgers followed by a goat cheese tartlette with spiced pecans and caramel. On Thanksgiving day we enjoyed food, mimosas and live tunes with my dad and his wife, Trish at the Hyatt. We then headed directly to my step-sisters for snacks and cheer at her open-house. From there we went to Starbucks… because we needed dopio espressos. I mean, caffeine should never be underestimated. We drove to Annie and Matt’s for football and good conversation, before wrapping up the day with a dinner of swordfish and pie at my mom’s house with her and her husband, Paul. It was busy, but fun and festive. We listened to a mix of Christmas music and 90s music to keep us pumped up while we drove all across Dallas and Plano. I then immediately came down with some kind of flu-ish crap and have been in bed for three days. Bring on the Holidays! xo
* A favorite pumpkin recipe.


  1. Love all of the pictures! Sounds like you had QUITE a busy Thanksgiving – so much fun. Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. OMG you look freakin’ gorgeous in the mimosa picture! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  3. This is the most fabulous Thanksgiving celebration ever! I’m so glad you guys bit the bullet and saw everyone–I’m sure they were thrilled to have the two of you, because really, who could resist?

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