salon day/ girl’s night

I realized that I haven’t really shared the wedding much, and not sharing/over-sharing is really not like me.  I am putting together more pictures and stories, but for now here was a little event the wedding week that I loved.  The week of the wedding a bunch of the gals gathered together for manis and pedis.  My mom planned it.  She brought the fixings for mimosas, snacks, my sister brought a cheesecake we ate straight out of the Tupperware.  It was so nice to have my girlfriends there.  We are scattered across the country and it was so fun to be relaxed and silly and gathered in one place.  You know I love being silly, and mimosa-fueled chanting for my sister to keep dipping her feet in the wax definitely happened.  Not so much chanting, actually, as poking and using a mean-girl voice to say “just do it, Bean.”  Oh, we call my sister Bean.  That is her below. Adorbs.  Also, apologies to Annie, as her very grown up job took her away early from salon day so she missed the group shot.

I didn’t end up having a bachelorette party.  My sister and my friend Lissy planned a stellar weekend in Austin that I was sick as a dog for and had to cancel.  Yeah, it sucked.  But the night after salon day we all hung out at my mom’s house talking, watching tv, and eating thai food.  We didn’t get to dance, but I love these girls and it will happen eventually.  Katrina, Lissy, Michelle and Annie…you girls are the best! Thank you for all your support and love…and toasts…and officiating skills. Seriously.

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