somone forgot to post her easter photos

Ok. I didn’t exactly forget, but kinda. I had written this diatribe about holidays and struggles, happiness and changes… but I keep writing and rewritng it and I can’t quite get it out yet. I need to mull those thoughts over a bit longer. As usually happens during the bustle of the holidays, I forget to take pictures of everything, but here are the ones I took:

On Saturday, my sister, Katrina, and I headed over to my aunts house to die Easter eggs with my cousins, Madeline and Katherine and Katherine’s adorable friend Peyton. SO. Many. Eggs. I got frustrated with the dying about one egg in. They were turning out so funky. That and I loved chatting with a glass of champagne and Easter candy. Eventually we discovered that Katherine and Katrina didn’t mix any water into the dye. Only vinegar. It was an odd, bubbly kinda Easter egg experience.

white eggs easter eggs

There were some interesting creative choices made by the group. red egg
The only other thing I really got shots of was Easter brunch with my dad. There was dinner at my mom’s house, visits with my friend Lori, silly and amazing times with my sister, recipe hoarding with my mom. It was good. It was challenging. I love those lights!
lights at Princi Easter Chelsea dad cinnamon flatbread
I call this “plates and grape stems.” I know, I am an artist. I just love my moms taste. plates on table

And… I don’t love this photo of myself, and I seriously really have to much ego to post it, but I am obsessed in a major way with these gorgeous and interesting lulu frost earrings. Gah. You need them in your life.
Chelea's earring



  1. I didn’t post Easter yet either. Frankly, I’m not quite sure they even turned out! After a long day of travel and then early morning Mass, I think I was just snapping the usual way, not the “I need good pics for my blog” way. PS. Our eggs didn’t turn out at all. We were so unprepared this year!

  2. I can’t wait to read that post you’re still working on–but in the meantime, I really love these snapshots of your weekend!

  3. Katrina

    Katherine said they were only supposed to be vinegar, she sounded like she knew what she was doing!

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