the challenge to find holiday spirit in texas

Texas. You love it or you hate it. At least that’s what they say. I find myself in an odd middle place.

I love howdy, my family, the pride and independence. I love how each city is so individual. There are many things I love as a native Texan, and there are many things I appreciate about it when I look at it from David’s perspective. However, I went to school in Switzerland, I dream of travel, I love walking cities and I always have itchy feet… I am on a mission to embrace it here. We are back in Dallas, conceivably for the long run, and I want to LOVE where I live. I have learned to change my thinking on so many things (how else would one come back from where I was at) and now I want to apply these skills to Dallas. Here is what I am thinking…

But then there is Christmas… It is odd how I grew up here and still associate Christmas with snow, scarves, hot chocolate and chill. A hot winter is predicted here. I tried to hold off on holiday lattes until a permanent chill struck, but it never happened. So I am trying to find other ways of getting into the spirit. My mom put up her tree and decorations and I am finding that the visual is not enough. If you look at the twinkling lights while consuming Stacey’s Gingerbread Pita Chips it helps. I am thinking I need to head to Anthro for some holiday candles (this is a fave!) and try to ignore the weather and remember what a true Texas Christmas feels like. What tricks do you use to get in the holiday spirit? I need suggestions!

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  1. Well, we have apparently a mild winter here so far (it’s negative eight degrees right now!) so I can only imagine how nice a warm Christmas might be. I know that I always wanted a white 25th when I was home, and rarely ever got it! To be a tad dorky, Christmas in warmer climates was done best in the Laguna Beach series. String twinkle lights anywhere and night feels a little more magical. Still drink your warm drinks. but with bare legs and a long-sleeve sweater instead. When in doubt, make a few hundred paper snowflakes, douse them in glitter and hang them from the ceiling. Voila! Christmas a la Texas!

  2. I was driving by the giant tree SF lights in Golden Gate Park as they were lighting it this morning and though, “Oh SF–you really suck at Christmas”. I’m all about Frasier Fir candles and a fresh tree for faking it!

  3. Putting on music and watching Christmas movies always puts me in the spirit, no matter what the temperature is outside. Try it!

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