the governess

Today I move back to Dallas for the summer and tomorrow I start watching these two gorgeous kids again. Do I feel like I am regressing, going back to my job from two years ago? A little. But being in Dallas this summer is just what I think I need. Ha! On top of that Yolanda sent me a message the other day asking how I liked the sound of governess.  Don’t you love it? Yo said it has more flair than nanny and is a little retro. I fully plan on making clothes out of drapes and teaching the children life lessons through song. Here are some pictures of Ruby and Tripp from our wedding…
Gah, they are so freaking cute. Ruby blew me that kiss right before I headed down the aisle.

Ruby loved getting ready with the girls. Here we were chatting about nail polish and accessories.

And the helpful, handsome, fantastic Tripp. He was awesome. He was a great ring bearer, he followed directions, calmed Ruby’s nerves and busted out some great dance moves.

My veil kept snagging on my bejeweled wedding gown, and in swooped Yo to the rescue. Isn’t her style to die for? Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Photography by Hello Love Photography




  1. Love these pictures!! Sounds like you will have so much fun with these cuties!

  2. We definitely had the best little helpers for our wedding!

  3. being a governess is so downtown abbey! love it!

  4. LOVE–the perfect photos, the darling children, and their amazing governess!

  5. yolanda

    You look so beautiful! And the pics of the kids are wonderful. I love governess! xo.

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