ruby cake time

the weekend and ruby’s birthday

Well, this past weekend was delightful. David flew home Thursday night, and by Friday night Katrina and Michelle had arrived as well… On Saturday morning we made a huge breakfast. Coffee, bacon, eggs, whole-wheat pancakes with chocolate chips… It was incredibly satisfying to all cook together, laughing and listening to music. I love a bustling house. Especially if it is bustling with the people I love. Michelle and I headed over to Ruby’s birthday party afterwards. It was pink and sparkly, complete with a wedding cake and lot’s of talk about vampires. Totally normal for this particular five year old. I apologize that there are no pics of Tripp. That boy did not cross over into the girly frenzy if he didn’t have to. The afternoon party turned into night time pizza and prosecco. On Sunday we watched a movie while eating kolaches. After a lazzzy afternoon and bidding goodbye to Michelle we headed over to my aunt’s house for a fantastic meal and some great family time. It was a great way to spend the weekend. It really ended too soon.
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  1. Oh my gosh, a wedding cake?! Too funny and cute.

  2. rox

    omg I looovvveee the look of that cake! dare I ask – why a wedding cake? haha…

  3. She is so awesome–and so was this weekend!

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