giant yogurt

the world’s largest frozen yogurt

As I mentioned on Friday, I am working on being a little healthier. Working out, eating right, lot’s of fresh air. The thing is, when I am deprived of sweets I get nasty. I have a killer sweet tooth. If I even think about the loss of all sugar I get rather hulk-like. David calls me “chulk”, a combination of Chelsea and the Hulk. Delightful… So, David has taken some preventative steps. Well, one amazing step really. Twice now he has brought me home, what I am fairly certain, is the world’s largest frozen yogurt. I love frozen yogurt. Ice cream is probably my favorite, but frozen yogurt is the best. At least once a week, if not more, my friends and I would head to the fro yo place, Gooeys, after school. It is a big enough thing in my life to warrant a mention in Lissy’s speech at our rehearsal dinner. The day my sister and I headed out of Dallas to drive to Seattle I think I mention how I was going to miss Gooeys about 10 times. When David and I lived in uptown there were three frozen yogurt stores in the two blocks we lived in. I am kind of a frozen yogurt connoisseur. I know the perfect topping to yogurt ratio. I have an addiction. Every time I have managed to successfully achieve a healthy weight before has been from supplementing my diet with fro-yo. So, David brings me this big ass yogurt that lasts for several days. This frozen delight is the. best. ever. Some girls want flowers? This girl does too. But also, yogurt. Thank you, David. I guess we can stay married.

chelsea and yogurt yogurt

In other news, this weekend was pretty mellow. Lots of cooking and organizing (and Pinterest) while David worked. I tried to wake him up on Saturday morning with a bacon alarm. You know, when the smell of bacon cooking wakes you from sleep? It didn’t work, but the bacon was delicious. What was your weekend like? Probably not as ho hum as ours…

Some amazing fresh berries with our breakfast:
berries The view from our apartment and my other view of the Wally man.
our view wally
Did I mention I am cooking these days? We obviously are documenting this feat.
chelsea cooks tostada


  1. I’m the same way. Meals don’t matter unless there is a dessert to follow it! Love the fro-yo, you look super cute, and that view from your apt is incredible!

  2. OK, now I’m craving something sweet! And you like all the same toppings as me. O geez, I know where I am going tonight.

  3. lol. This cracks me up, sugar is AWESOME. I am partial to banana fro yo. I make it with a banana, almond milk, a few drops of stevia, a few dried tart cherries, and cocoa powder. It’s my own naughty but not really alternative!!

    Chic & Skinny

  4. HOLY FRO YO, that looks amazing! Whenever we meet up in SF, I’m taking you to Fraîche–Valrhona frozen yogurt that will blow your mind.

  5. Miss Kat

    SO MANY THINGS TO SAY! your fro-yo love is out of control! im glad David gets to stay a part of the family cause of it. Wally is the cutest living thing on the planet! Also, what was this dinner item you made?

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