they say it’s your birthday

Here is my public proclamation of love for David on his birthday:

Babe – I know things are not as perfect as you would have wished, but getting married to you this spring was a dream come true. I am so happy I found someone who can make me laugh so ridiculously hard and tolerate the ridiculous person I know I can be. I am proud of you, I am grateful for you, I am missing you. This is going to be a great year. I can just feel it. Happy birthday. xo

wedding photos by Hello Love Photography



  1. And that is why suspenders were reeeeally invented (& happy b-day too)!!

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope y’all celebrate royally :)

  3. Thank you babe, that was really sweet. And those photos were from a pretty great day!

  4. So cute!!! And you two crazy kids looked so frickin’ amazing on your wedding day!

  5. Bun

    such a sweet post!!

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