weekend in austin

This weekend I drove to Austin to visit my lil sis, Katrina. It was amazeballs. Keep reading to see our favorite moments from the weekend.

Favorite Austin Moments with Katrina

  • Eating Mexican food every day, including Sunday brunch.
  • Singing Les Miserables in our hotel room. We obviously picked parts and fought over who would be Cosette.
  • Discovering Lime a Ritas.
  • Tubing!!
  • Collecting suspicious marshmallows that were floating down the river…
  • Getting Katrina to do impromptu outfit posts.
  • Buying matching flip flops at CVS.
  • Sitting in the lobby of the W people watching.


  1. We have Lime a Ritas in our fridge…and I haven’t even tried them. =) Looks like a fun sister trip!!

  2. Lissy

    Oh, so happy you had such a good weekend! Looks amazing! definitely craving some Mexican food now…

  3. This looks like the most perfect, relaxing weekend, you lucky girl! Ah, to float the river…

  4. Bun

    How freaking fun…I just want to float around in the sun and drink all day!! I’ve always wanted to go to Austin. hmm..also seems like I need to try a lime a rita.

  5. Gah! I WISH I could be back in central Texas this summer for some tubing or Barton Springs time. Best part about the otherwise way-too-hot summers.

    PS — I know you are in Dallas, but when will you be back in Houston? I’ll be there in late August!

  6. Katrina

    my favorite moment was marshmallow hoarding.

    or when that guy tried to “save you” by doing nothing useful.

    One of those two for sure :p

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