weekend recap

Hello friends! Did you go wild on Saturday?  This weekend we continued to forge away on the home-front.  We are not exactly wild these days, but these nesting weekends are rewarding and fun and we try and keep the silly factor up.  As it happens, de-cluttering really goes against every hoarding crazy bone in my body, but I am trying.  I think I threw away…exactly one magazine!  We did manage to stick to our newlywed cooking goal.  We made some yummy pesto, turkey and brie panini for lunch on Saturday.  Then, we attempted ribs.  It was, um, a miss.  The broccoli we made to go with it actually tasted like our cooking method had been to marinate the veggies in old kitchen sink water.  The ribs turned out to be really fatty and so incredibly spicy we had to wipe our noses while eating.  To continue our cooking saga, our rotisserie broke half-way though cooking our chicken on Sunday, leaving one side completely raw and the other completely black.  The cooking was not exactly our shining achievement. David let me sleep in on Sunday, which was lovely.  I literally woke up, ate the breakfast equivalent of heaven (chocolate chip waffles, bacon and milk), and went back to sleep. Seriously. Hmm.. fabulous.  I would love to hear about your weekend! xo

happy weekend saving moments

  • Laughing over our cooking disaster so hard David spewed.
  • Our new dining table arrived.
  • Eating dinner at our new dining table in PJs.
  • Playing with our pups.
  • The massive dance party that was thrown to spice up the cleaning.

PS:  Congratulations to Adrienne and Ari! We are so excited for you two lovebirds.


  1. I love the white dining chairs!

  2. Don’t you hate when kitchen creations don’t go as planned? But Sunday morning sounds like nothing short of heaven!

    • Oh, I know you are a breakfast in bed gal. Lucky. It was frustrating, and i felt bad with all of the food we had to throw away. I thought about that Portlandia episode with the people who only live on garbage. I hoped some of those hippies would come upon our garbage can! xo

  3. Did anyone notice how cute David’s little tush is? hehee. He’s so cute. I am really shocked there aren’t more comments about that but. Like, why hasn’t it gone viral. Ok, I think I will pin it. J David Macor’s butt, now seen on Pinterest.

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