weekend snippets

This weekend we:

  • Got fairly dressed up and went to a pretty casual dinner with David’s colleagues.  My streak for being the most overdressed person at all events I attend remains unbroken. David looked super handsome.  I love those shoes.
  • Went to the grocery store at midnight on a snack-driven mission.  It is creepy there at night. Most of the lights have turned off and we witnessed employees making out down one aisle.
  • Watched a marathon of Game of Thrones.  Again.  That show really sucks you in.
  • Did a little blog re-design.  Just some baby tweaks, but I am happy.
  • David made me chocolate chip waffles with pecans, because it was Sunday and because I was stressing about my upcoming surgery.  Yum!  I love this new tradition.
  • I splurged on a new iPhone case by Natasha Couture. So. Sparkly.
  • Actually enjoyed the weather a bit as the dinner was on a rooftop patio.  The patio had vintage looking sting lights AND an outdoor TV.  David wanted to move in.
  • Played “Draw Something” on our phones/iPad.  Silly fun.
  • I played around on Goodreads looking for book suggestions. I need some, friends. I have a few weeks of recovery ahead of me.
  • Watched Wally sunbathe.  Aww…



  1. Man, those shoes are more green in photos than they look in person!

  2. What a wonderful weekend–between that amazing case and David’s green shoes, it’s no wonder you’re grinning like that!

    PS–grocery store make out sounds super creepy.

  3. I have a complete and total draw something addiction! Send me your user name so we can play!

  4. Cathy McCann Miller

    Hi Chelsea–Look on my READ pinboard on Pinterest for some great books! I just finished The Flight of Gemma Hardy and loved it!
    Get well soon!

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