petals on sidewalk

weekend stroll

David and I hit up one of our fave Dallas neighborhoods this weekend on our date night. We strolled around Bishop Arts picking up some pie to eat later at Emporium Pies and tracked down cigars because David had a craving.

Check out Emporium’s website. It is kinda genius. As for the cigars, I don’t know what to say. They aren’t my fave, but I like that it makes David spend time outside. Yeah, you heard that right. That is what it takes to get that man outdoors. I also like picturing him when he was in high school, smoking a cigar with his best friend, hanging out by the beach in Miami, taking a break from searching for an emu farm that they had spotted that once. Seriously. I guess that is what a Miami youth does… I digress. Anyways, exploring is our favorite thing to do together. Other than date night, we hung out with Katrina (two weekends in a row! YEAH!), watched The Muppet Movie while eating donuts, did a little DIY, caught up on the internets and did some Pinning, and just took it all in. That is how the weekend should be done. Bam.



  1. Ah so fun…love you watched the Muppets WITH doughnuts! ;)

  2. Wonderful! Love seeing your own pictures on here =) And I would love some pie right about now.

  3. need to check out EMporium pies….I had not heard of it…and I love me some pie :) What a fun weekend.

  4. Sounds like HEAVEN.

    John used to light up cigars inside our Baltimore apartment–refusing to kiss him or making a face until the smell went away (from the apartment and his beard) quickly killed that habit, but I do sort of love the smell of pipe tobacco on a cold cheek in the winter!

  5. What a wonderful weekend! Those pies are making me hungry! What DIY did you do?

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