gift guide 2011: for the crafter

Hey there! My name is Katrina, and I am Chelsea’s darling sister. When she put the word out that she wanted to cobble together some gift guides with a unique slant, one thing instantly popped into my head: crafting. I am a self-proclaimed craft black-belt (yes, I made the belt myself); and so I believe that there is no one more qualified than me to tell you what you should get the crafter in your life!

Gift Guide For The Crafter

1.  Martha Stewart Glitter Multi Pack

The Mecca of loose glitter. It is fine glitter, so that makes it easy to create things like gradients, going from shade to shade. Plus, you have the entire rainbow at your finger tips!

2.  Brother Sewing Machine

This sewing machine, because it’s simple enough for beginners, but still has tons of different stitches and can be used to quilt, craft, or sew clothing patterns.

3.  Mason Quart Canning Jars

I have also been recently obsessed with all DIYs that are related to Mason/Dijon jars. Cool twine, lace, and old book-page candle votive; glitter glasses; even a cool outdoor chandelier. So a steady supply of jars is awesome. Plus who wouldn’t adore the sweet blue green tint to them?! {These ones will probably sell, but keep an eye out on Etsy for more deals}

4.  Craft Organization Accessories

To really put a special spin on storing your friend’s crafting supplies, I recommend more boxes and lots of happy ribbon! I recommend checking out the link above for some inspiration, or checking out this article on how to customize a shoebox as a ribbon organizer.

5.  Feathergrain Bins

So if this crafter friend now has all of these cool supplies, they are going to need to store it. I recommend checking out these classic bins from the container store.

6.  Chalkboard Paint

I am obsessed with all things chalkboard lately. Wall calendar, little to do list calendar, chalkboard stickers to label things with. Although Martha Stewart has an awesome how-to on making your own custom color chalkboard paint too!


Bonus: Stocking Stuffers!

Candy-Tin Sewing Kit

Anyone would kill for a cute emergency sewing kit like this. Candy box and all!
Be sure to include little personal touches in here.

Puffy Paint

Makes for cute embossing on things like mirror edges, picture frames, and the afore mentioned chalkboard paint projects.


  1. Ah that craft organizer! What a great idea! Love the ribbon dispenser :)

  2. Love the thought of getting a sewing machine because I’ve never had one…! xx

  3. i love this guide!! mason jars are my favorite way to store anything, craft related or not :) great post.

    Oh – Fancy That.

  4. Oh lovely! I’m intrigued by that sewing machine!

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