gift guide 2011: for the friend with an obsession

A terrarium obsession that is.

Gift Guide for the Terrarium Tinkerer

1.  Six Little Mushrooms


2.  Poppy and Butterfly Cloche

This sweet cloche would be perfect for the extra-girly girl. Placed on her make-up table, perfectly surrounded by her perfumes, lipstick and jewelries.

3.  Le Llama

Okay yes, it is yet another creature! But in making your own little terrarium world you should invite little animals like llamas,  rabbits or classic colored shrooms or any other small ceramic ornamental figurine that would be damaged by humidity or moisture.

4.  Plant Mister

Okay no one said that terrariums weren’t high maintenance. They are! But with patience and love and this darling plant mister you are well on your way.

5.  Terrarium Tweezer

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes. For those of you terrariumers that prefer bottle neck terrariums or those that have more of a closed off shape you will definitely need a pair of these. Come to think of it you could also probably use chopsticks!

6.  Standing Magnifying Glass

You can use these magnifying glasses in the fronts of your tabled terrariums, not only would it add another cool element to your table top it will make your terrariums more interactive.

7.  The New Terrarium

Gorgeous photographs and inspiration abounding.

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  1. this is awesome. I love the idea of terraruims (although I’m not confident in my ability to maintain one). If i ever get an office, there will definitely be a terraruim in it! and a magnifying glass of course…

  2. Hm, well now I need to find a friend with a terrarium obsession before Christmas– these things are too cool not to get!

  3. I sincerely hope you have a friend cool enough to be obsessed with terrariums!

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