gift guide 2011: for your favorite elf

This is the guide for the people who love Christmas.  I mean love Christmas.  The guide for those of us who start our Christmas music in October, who wrap gifts with fervor, shop for presents all year ’round, and who get a little annoyed at Thanksgiving for standing between you and your favorite holiday.  This year we are living in our first house and when it came time to put up the decorations, it was a little lacking.  This is a dream Christmas prep guide.

Gift Guide for Your Favorite Elf

1. Silver Bells Garland

Did you read the Polar Express when you were little?  We read it every year with my mom, I think I could practically recite it.  Anyways, silver bells are still a little magical for me.  That is why this garland is so special.

2. Baker’s Twine

This is so sweet! You can wrap your gifts in Kraft paper and with this twine it would look festive.

3.  Crochet Loop Tree Skirt

I am in love with this tree skirt.  So cozy and timeless.  Luckily, I have a future mother-in-law can crochet like nobody’s business, and she is making me something similar. Yay!

4.  Elf on the Shelf

We didn’t have do this tradition in my household, but when I was a nanny the family I worked for had this little guy.  In these years before children, I think that this elf is just adorable.  Once kidos come into the picture The Elf on the Shelf is a wonderful tradition.  The elf reports back to Santa, he “moves around.” Love it!

5.  Warm Wishes Foldover Holiday Card

Um, this is SO cute.  Need I say more?

6.  Bristle Brush Fox Ornament

When David and I first started putting up a tree together it was fairly naked.  Our ornament collection has grown, but so has our tree.  We want a collection of ornaments from over the years that we really love, so the process is slow.  This little fox would be a welcome addition.

7.  Magnolia Wreath

I love this wreath for so many reasons.  Any wreath made out of fresh flora is gorgeous, but this one has a base of Magnolia leaves.  For a Southern girl, that is a huge selling point.  Nearly every house I have ever lived in in Texas has a Magnolia growing out front.  I love the big lovely leaves.  This wreath is amazeballs.

8.  Bottlebrush Evergreens

There are so many possibilities for these little cuties; fill your mantle with miniature trees, put them in your terrarium for a festive twist, attach them to gifts, make your own tiny snow scene…Get imaginative with these little evergreens.

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