gift guide 2011: for your geeky man

Hello there! This is David, the future husband and co-star to Chelsea’s life. She asked me to do a guest post for her, and we decided it should be some sort of gift guide for men. However, I soon realized that there are not many gift guides that I would be an expert for. Men’s fashion? No. Man-scaping accessories? Not so much. But, if there is one thing I know, it is how to be a geeky dude. So without further ado, I present the gift guide for the geeky man in your life:

Gift Guide For Geeky Men

1.  USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Lately, I have been adding more and more french cuffed shirts to the old business wardrobe. But the thing about french cuffed shirts is that you need cufflinks. The great part about these handsome, gunmetal links is that they double as flash storage. Talk about James Bond…

2.  Zero-G

Did you know that only around 500 people have ever been to space? EVER?! Well, your geeky friend is not going to get a shot anytime soon, but if they always wanted to be an astronaut, and you happen to have 5K, then give that fella the zero gravity experience!

3.  Bacon Of The Month Club

This isn’t even really a geek gift, but quite frankly there are some universal truths in life. One of those truths is that bacon is amazing. Even vegetarians have to admit that bacon is amazing. So give this bacon of the month subscription to anyone and everyone. Actually, just give it to me…

4.  Sports Game Tickets

Believe it or not, many geeks are also sports fans. Why? It’s all about statistics. I can barely remember what I did last week, but I can remember a stat line from for a quarterback from three years ago. Point being, just buy him tickets.

5.  SlingBox

Everybody knows that watching a Mythbusters ‘sode on the couch is super cool. But wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could watch it, say, at the airport on your phone?! The answer, by the way, is yes; and the way this is accomplished is via this SlingBox technology.

6.  Never Forget Hoodie

I will not remain silent on what I believe to be the greatest travesty in the history of the world! While scientists may spend their time quibbling on how it happened, I feel like younger generations have forgotten that it happened at all! Well, this cannot stand! We will fight this dearth of knowledge, one hoodie at a time.

7.  Battlefield 3

What’s that? You want to read my 3,000 word tome on why one video game is better than another? I didn’t think so. Either way, pick Battlefield over Call of Duty, because while geeks may all still be kids at heart, we don’t enjoy listening to 12 year old’s talking about our mother’s while we are shooting Russians…

8.  Outdoor Movie Screen

Question: What kind of TV is best? The answer always is the biggest one. ALWAYS! And what’s the biggest TV you can buy? Well, it happens to be your own personal freaking drive through screen. This 15ft. monster is meant to go outdoors, but if you have the space inside, i say, go for it.

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  1. David! THANK YOU for this list. I am purchasing 3 items for various geeky men in my life. Hopefully none of them read this blog (geeky guys dont read personal style blogs… right??). If you come across anymore gift ideas please email me. Thanks!

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