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Well, my Michelle has started wedding planning… and I am in heaven. My creative and unique friend is planning what will be a creative and unique wedding. I love wedding planning, and can’t wait to shove my ideas down her throat. Wait. I mean, help out as much as she needs. The thing that is amazing about a friend like Michelle is we can literally tell each other exactly what we think. Before I met Michelle, I probably thought I had friends like that, but I just didn’t know. You can have amazingly close friends that you would love to tell everything to, and you probably do, but gently and over time. With Mich, it’s upfront, immediate, and direct, but never hurtful. We don’t mess around. Ugh, I miss her. BUT, the point is, we are looking at dresses. She wants either a white dress that is short, or a long dress that isn’t white. Too bridey of a dress is just not her thang. The hunt took me to Zara. If you need a rehearsal dinner dress, a easy inexpensive wedding dress, or just a little white dress to rock this summer, I found it for you. You are welcome. Click on the dress for the link.

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  1. Ooh I love that last one!! Someday (when we have a house and the budget) I want to throw a dance party/gathering to make up for the one we didn’t have at the wedding! And I’ll get a fabulous dress and relive our special day just a bit! Have fuuuun with the planning!!!

  2. Colleen W.

    So I loved that first one so much I went out today and bought it. The only problem is it’s super see-through. I’m going to have to find a nude colored slip to wear underneath. But other than that I love it! I think Im going to wear it to one of my bridal events – possibly the champagne breakfast…maybe with a fabulous hat! Also my bridal dress isn’t white – I love white, but when I saw my dress I just knew it was the one!

  3. I need a LWD for summer–I can’t believe I don’t own a single one!

  4. Love these dresses, and your fabulous friendship!

  5. Oh my gosh – I super, duper love them all. I seriously need to go to Zara stat.

  6. Katrina Stephens

    I am still all about short white dresses!!! does she want ideas from the other Stephens’ girl? Our powers combined we can force all of our ideas on her…wait… i mean gently guide?

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