my mom’s guide to gifting

My mom is adorable, and she nailed this. So, without further ado, here she is:

When Chelsea invited me to make a Christmas Wish List, I was thrilled.  Making wishes come true, or guessing wishes that no one will tell me, is something I love to do!  And online shopping is the best!  When the doorbell rang tonight and two UPS gentlemen carried 5 packages into our house, I was thrilled that three were presents that I ordered. Here are some ideas that I have used that have surprised and thrilled.  (You might guess that I am a mother of girls…)

For the Pre-Teen In Your Life

A poster of Justin Bieber—or maybe two or three.  Don’t wrap them, have Santa put them up late on the 24thand surprise your head over heels daughter when she awakens and walks into rooms with posters.

For someone you love who can’t come home

Send them an easy way to make Christmas happen at their house or apartment.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins in a box—I promise these are delicious.  In the box, mix all of the dry ingredients, include a can of pumpkin, and the chocolate chips, print the recipe, add a muffin tin, and festive muffin papers.  Here is the recipe my family can’t live without!

( Muffin tin, Baking cups, Chocolate Chips, Measuring Cups (perfect for shipping))

 For the college student, turning 21 this year

A great blender, a Rick Bayless margarita mix, your favorite Tequila, and some fun glasses in which to serve the libations.   I love these Mexican glasses!

(BlenderMargarita Mix, Glasses)

For Your Son Overseas

Chewing gum, Starbursts, those individual packs of M & M’s in the big bag, and great beef jerky!  Find your loved one’s favorite, from sweet to smoky to spicey, beef or buffalo, this is the jerkiest jerky.  Remember, just send regular mail, no expediting will get it there faster than 2—3 weeks.  And, include their favorite magazines, too!

For Your Wine Enthusiast Husband

…Who just discovered an expensive Italian wine and has decided that he is going to be a wine connoisseur in the New Year, sshhh, I’m not giving my secrets away for anyone else.  Get Andrea Immer’s book GREAT TASTES MADE SIMPLE.  It explains what wine to drink with popcorn, scrambled eggs or a fabulous steak. Recipes and wine, a foodie and wine lover’s delight.

For my beautiful daughters and fabulous son-in-law, I can’t reveal my secrets, but I promise great surprises for Christmas!

Thank you so much, mom! She did that Justin Bieber thing, but with Brad Pitt posters when I was in high school. It was amazing. The posters started on my bedroom door and led all the way around the house! It is amazing. Hope this helps with any last minute shopping you might be doing.

(Pine-cone Garland)


  1. rox

    I love that you had your mom do a gift guide! too freakin cute. makes me want to bug my mom to write a post…

  2. Completely nailed it–I love these!

  3. Your momma is pretty much a button. Love this :)

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