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neo hippie

I have always loved me some boho chic. David says that he was immediately drawn to my style  when we met in college, at the peak of my hippie phase. He said that he had never really seen any girls dressed that way and it fueled his crush.

I have really been drawn back in that direction recently. I am ready to peel off my spanx and throw on an embroidered blouse. I think we can redefine the bohemian style all over again. Boho chic doesn’t have to be sloppy, but it can be easy going. Boho can be unexpected and free, with a nod to our flower children style crushes. Here are some elements needed to be a modern hippie according to my inspiration photos

essentials for the neo hippie

  1. A good leather jacket.
    Extra points it is fringed!
  2. Wide brimmed hat or fedora
    I love that you can take a mod dress, or a structured outfit and make it a little easier with a good hat.
  3. Crocheted item:
    Vest, dress, skirt…you name it.
  4. Maxi skirt:
    I think almost anyone can rock a maxi. If you are short (like moi) be aware of your proportions, but go for it.
  5. Florals, paisley, ikat –> PATTERN!
    Anything goes with pattern in this case.
  6. Layers
    It’s time to stack up your bracelets, drape on all your necklaces, or add a vest.


  1. LOVE. I’ve always had a little boho in me as well!

  2. I’ve always wanted to pull this off, and never felt like I could do it! It’s funny, John was drawn to my college style, too–lots of very, very short skirts (what was I thinking?!), of course!

  3. I love the classification: neo hippie. Sounds so cool – just like you. Obsessed with the Pins!!!!

  4. You know I couldn’t agree more. I have a great Hayden Harnett fringed bag I need to break out! Love the last look with the hat and booties. So fun!

  5. rox

    I hate to admit I had never heard of the neo-hippie term (ie- I have zero fashion sense). although, after reading your list of essentials – I actually think I fall into this style category!

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