Did you all catch the Glitter Guide feature on Nicolette Mason? Oh, my love for this gal is monumental.  I love her fashion philosophy ( deliberately feminine), her curves, her devotion to pink and glitter.  She is well versed in culture and fashion and such an inspiration to me. Nicolette is definitely a girl after my own heart. As I poured over her blog archives last night, I had to agree with her on designer Chris Benz. I know these photos aren’t that recent and you savvy people have probably known about Chris and Nicolette for a while now, but I can’t get these images out of my brain.



  1. Can you believe I hadn’t seen the feature? I just love it!

  2. It’s official then…I’m not savvy. =P

  3. LOVE this! My hair stylist actually did the hair for this show!

  4. Love the hair + the sequins!
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