Spring Fling

the resistance is over

I love fall and winter. I love layers, the holidays, curling up and getting cozy. I am not a huge fan of summer. I mean, have you seen me? I am one pale gal. I do love spring, but I resist it like crazy… I think that resistance is over for this year. In the last few days I have been welcoming florals, anything in a hue of mint or sea foam, and maybe a flower or two. I walked down to Pike Place Market today and the daffodils were just crazy. Happy and smiley. I think I owe those daffodils the cred for opening my frosty heart to spring.
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  1. Love this look– great colors! And so obsessed with the Madewell Keds, I considered that pair too :)
    xx, Emily

  2. I love Spring best…when the birds start singing again summer is a dream and still full of possibility…ahh, yes, Spring. I’m all about it this year, if it would ever grace this state. I love me some daffs too. Seattle seems like one of those cities that every new season would be exciting and fresh. LUCKY! =)

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