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Hello friends. Did you have a good three day weekend? I spent one more weekend in Chicago and am heading to Dallas today. David sent me a link to Trunk Club a while ago, and when we drove past their Chicago headquarters my interest was reignited. Here is David’s introduction to the concept:

Trunk Club is like Birchbox in the sense that it is a club and you get things in a box. And it’s happy time when you get your box. This better be in a pull-quote.

I think we can all agree it is about time for the husband to take over the blog.  What an incredible description. In case that didn’t clarify things for you, here it is. Trunk Club Men’s Outfitters pulls from over 400 brands to compile a “trunk” of clothing based on your preferences. You keep what you like and what fits and send back the rest. The trunk consists of curated outfits. Three questions get you started along with compiling your favorite brands and stores:

  1. How do you usually dress at work?
  2. How do you usually dress on the weekends?
  3. What is your overall style?

Since David travels for work and has no time to shop I think this would be amazing. I am not as savvy as I would like when it comes to men’s fashions, so the idea of an entire well styled outfit pre-assembled takes a lot of the pressure off of “Chels, does this go together?” Another gem from JD:

Why I really want to use it is because I love the idea of having a stylist, getting a happy surprise in the mail, and saving time.

Neither of us knows anyone personally who has joined this club, but David has read every review he can find and really there seems to be very little drawback since you only spend money on the clothes you like and decide to keep. So, if you know a guy who wants to look put together, but doesn’t have time or the passion for shopping, I would send this his way. Would you ever try a female equivalent of Trunk Club?



  1. Wow! My only concern would be what clothing is sent…is it crazy designer stuff, or actually affordable? I am extremely intrigued by this…and David’s quotes are inspired. =) Nice post.

  2. I love birchbox like whoa so obviously this sounds great, too.

  3. Our CEO used Trunk Club once–and ending up sending everything back. He wasn’t wild about what was sent, but the return policy can’t be beat!

  4. I love this idea, but I’m nervous about what the cost of the individual pieces will be. I suppose you could order a box and send it all back if the cost was crazy. The girly version is They are based out of Chicago too, so perhaps its the same company?

  5. I totally love this idea! Like you’re own personal stylist. So interesting :) xoxo

  6. wow this is truly such a genius idea!!!! Hugs from California! xx, The Golden Girls

  7. Bean

    I love David’s quotes in this! when is he gonna sign up? I would love to hear how it ends up!

  8. Hi Everyone:

    I work as Trunk Club’s copywriter / social-media guy. Chelsea, thanks for the post. The layout looks great and David’s quotes are terrific.

    To answer questions from the comments:

    Our pricing is on par with high-end department stores like Barney’s, Saks, or Nordstrom (for example, jeans ranging from $175-$210). We carry over 50 brands of high-end casual wear in every category, such as Eton, J. Brand, Gant, D.S. Dundee, Oak Street Bootmakers and Jack Spade.

    If anyone has any other questions, please be in touch.


    Joe from Trunk Club

    • Thanks for answering everyone’s questions, Joe! We are all very interested. I know David really wants to try it out. We will be in touch. Thanks again!

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