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road trip part 1

Two and a half weeks ago my sister and I arrived in Seattle. We were slightly delirious, I was about two hours away from one of the worst stomach viruses of my life, and we were slightly hoarse from singing musicals in the car, but we had made it. We drove from Dallas to Seattle over the course of 4 days… The trip was mostly enjoyable. We had time to catch up, sing, be silly. Neither of us had ever been on such a long road trip or seem most of the states we drove through. However,  that many hours in the car together… let’s just say it didn’t always bring out the best in us. Katrina said afterward “though we both wanted to kill each other at the end of the day, our walks and total fear of our surroundings eventually always gave way to the giggles and a much better way to end the night than irritation”. I treasure time with my sister, so I was grateful for that. The walks were awesome. Stretching, watching sunsets, being healthy. The walks had me wishing that we lived in the same city. I know that if we did it would be a great way to unwind and stay active together. If only…

Oh, and that fear she was talking about? Let’s see. Our first night we ended up in a town in Kansas that has one road, and none of the houses and buildings along it had lights on. Our motel was sketchy. The woman at the font desk kept mistaking dogs for cats. We had worked ourselves up because we had arrived in town after dark and it was so pitch black outside while we were driving in. We were listening to Lana, and all that drama took hold of us in a big way.. There were several times on the trip that this weird middle of nowhere fear took hold.

All in all the trip was good. I mean, the two of us and the dogs got to Seattle with only one person seriously ill, so let’s consider it successful. A better way to measure it would be that when we had to say goodbye at the airport, after all that togetherness and Katrina dealing with an all nighter of my stomach virus, we still cried and immediately signed onto google chat the next day.

Takeaways from out Road Trip

  1. America is mostly flat and brownish at this time of year.
  2. Use the Roadside America app. You won’t regret it for great and hilarious mini adventures.
  3. Do make a giant playlist of every musical you have ever loved.
  4. Don’t miss the world’s largest ball of twine. We did and it haunts us.
  5. Get fresh air.
  6. Pack food. There are some really long stretches of highway where you will not find anything.

chelsea katrina and dixie That is the world’s largest easel and Van Gogh reproduction in Goodland, Kansas. Oh yeah. easel Doesn’t Katrina look darling in her new glasses? Love em.  chels and katrina nebraska We circled around in what turned out to be a thirty minture detour to get that photo. Katrina just wanted it so bad. Worth it? Totally. oregon sign sunset 2

This tiger was at the world’s largest big cat sanctuary, The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Foundation, in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. We should have waited to hold the baby tigers…

tiger sunset 2 katrina and dixie

Come back tomorrow for non iPhone pictures and the best part of our trip by far! xoxo


  1. Loving these pics. You girls are brave to drive all that way- I have always wanted to take a cross country trip like this. So fun!

  2. Downloading the Roadside America app right now for our summer roadtrip–whee! Glad you guys survived (and managed to stay nice to each other most of the time)–by far the most disgusting I’ve ever seen John was after he drove from DFW to SF in just under 24 hours!

  3. The Sister

    Love this recap and love you! sad I left my trail mix in your car, im really craving it today. not sad that you are healthy now! Cant wait to see you this weekend!!

  4. Great pictures. Looks like an amazing time.

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  5. Add to your bullet list of road-trip takeaways:
    - DO throw away your accumulated snacks after your road trip; fruit doesn’t mature very well inside a car…

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