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I thought my obsession with the sea-foam green and coral pink/red was relatively recent and inspired by the spring, but as I went through my closet looking for the combo I discovered a cornucopia of the two.  I just love the fresh feeling the colors have, the urge they give me to hop in the car and head for the nearest beach.

sea-foam and coral color combination

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Double Torsade necklace from Anthropologie, Dixie Cup Dispenser and cups at Mushroom and Moss, Porous Coral Sculpture from Anthropologie, “Dude, Where’s my Cardigan” at Modcloth, Christian Louboutin Anemone Bow Shoes Block Print from Anna See, Temperly London dress from Net a Porter


  1. It was amazing to see how many things you already had in your closet with these colors! I wonder how many other people are obsessed with this color combo?…

  2. Oh my gosh — love it all! Coral pink and turquoise are seriously two of my all time favorites. The Temperly dress is to die for!!! XO Katie

  3. The Temperly dress is one of the most amazing dresses ever. Seriously! Anyways, thanks for looking around Katie dear, it means a lot to me to get your comments

  4. Kristin Boo

    omg. Chels- u took the style outta my closet, and david, u toook the words outta my mouth! on the cruise ships i work on, i started living in this get-up-

    coral wool tweed Victorian-collared suit jacket(J.Crew)….. WITH lots of Chunky turquoise bracelets and a turquoise tee and leggings.

    what a beautiful post of such a beautiful color combo!!

    i also bought a pair of Sperry’s that have a coral and turquoise plaid on em!!! ( there’s nothing like working on a Boat, in boat shoes:D )

  5. I love this color combination. The orangey-coralness cuts the cute factor in pink and gives it some nice zip with the seafoam. But still so fresh and feminine…

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