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I am getting my hair done tomorrow. First of all, in these money saving days it is just a great treat and I love the pampering. On the other hand, I am struggling with my hair. I am convinced it is thinning. I shared this with everyone David works with at dinner on Tuesday night, and I just know it left a great impression… Every night the obsessing about the thinning starts. I Google treatments, read forums, and stare in the mirror. It could be making it worse. I know that. Back to tomorrow… My hair is looong right now. Some days I love it, some days I am convinced I should seriously chop it and see how it goes. No one in my family will risk giving me advice based on past tears over haircuts and bang malfunctions. Luckily, I totally trust my colorist and rely on her for not just color, but cut opinions as well. I know my hair people will lead me in the right direction, and I will update you. Hairspiration for mid length cuts is coming from Sofia Coppola, Alexa Chung and Kate Winslet. Oh, and I want that hat.

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  1. Jessica Shay

    I think that hair length/style would look amazing on you!

    Re hair thinning neuroses: try not to think about it. I noticed a couple gray hairs and got completely freaked out and then it became a “thing” and I’m pretty sure all that stress just added more! (Like, seriously)

    • Thanks, Jshay! I am sure you are right, but I am so ridiculously neurotic. I am going to try though. I love having you over here more and commenting! So fun. xo

  2. I want that hat too! I love Alexa’s cut! I think your hair would look great with a fresh summer “do”. As far as the hair-thining part…the more we think about something, we convince ourselves that it’s true.


    Erin @

    • Thanks for the advice. I am sure you are right. I actually ended up rescheduling my hair appointment, but I am still thinking about that cute cut. xo

  3. HEY THAT’S CUUUTE! I approve, even though your hair in your fashion shots was completely gorgeous! And my hair isn’t thinning, but just plain falling out like crazy. It is scary…apparently birth control affects it…not sure about the thinning part though. I have always been tempted to use the likes of Rogaine just to make my hair fuller, but I don’t know if that would work hehe.

  4. Bun

    Regarding thinning hair- don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about it! BUT- I too have VERY thin (baby fine? aka- pain in my ass) kind of hair. you have GOT TO TRY chaz dean wen hair. it seriously works MIRACLES on your hair. I’m totally hooked- and it legit gave me fuller, healthier, fabulous hair (even my stylist said my hair is the best he’s ever seen it). buy if off it’s cheaper :)


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