hair inspiration: brigitte bardot

Summer in Texas is hot. So hot.  A great up-do is a summer essential. Brigitte Bardot is a huge inspiration for totally glamorous, slightly unkempt hair.  I need to get the guts and make my own tutorial, but for now I am going to put you on the right path…

summer up-do, brigitte bardot style

  • Use dry shampoo to add volume and hold.
  • Teasing is essential. Tease, tease, tease.  There is definitely a right way and the right tools so that not only does the volume last, but so will the health of your hair.  I love this guide on teasing from The Beauty Department.
  • This tutorial gets the first half of the work done.  Follow along until you have the easy volume.
  • I work my way from a high ponytail and move forward.  Tease the ponytail and use the u shaped bobby pins to arrange your hair in a sexy mess on the top of your head. Add a flower is you like!

1. U hairpins // 2. Bobby Pins, plus a neat tip // 3. Elnett // 4.  Stila Hair Refresher // 5. Spornette Little Wonder

Brigitte Bardot Photos, Layout by Buckets and Bunches



  1. I used to have the mindset that if my hair didn’t look good straight out of bed, I was doomed. I only recently started creating up-dos to spice up my look, and it makes me feel all together more polished for the day (even if there are a few flyaways)!! I’ll have try this one next!

    • I totally get that. I have really fine hair and sometimes by midday it looks like a soggy mess. But if I remember to tease it a little, pin it up it can transform. Oh, and hairspray! xo

  2. it’s a gorgeous ‘do! :) Thanks for the tips – definitely one to have a go at!

  3. Giovanna

    Loving this hair inspo! Definitely a must-do “do” for Texas!


  4. This is a great inspiration and a lovely hairstyle for the Texas heat because there’s not too much chance for the hair to be frigid…cool inspiration!

  5. can never go wrong with a voluminous updo in my opinion!!!

    • Right? The more volume the more flattering is how I usually feel about myself. I love sleek dos on others, but I am all about the volume. Maybe it’s the Dallas girl in me. xo

  6. Love Bridgitte’s hair! Perfectly messy.

  7. This is just fabulous! It doesn’t get better than a messy hairstyle!

  8. Her hair is incredible! I wish I could get mine to look that good!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  9. Ahh, her hair is beautiful and I love your tips to recreate it. great to discover your blog… it’s awesome!

  10. Chelsea, you’re absolutely right about big lazy hair looking (and feeling) great in the Texas summer. I have a confession though, I’ve never had success with dry shampoo. It doesn’t work for me or i’m not doing it right. Whenever i try it my hair ends up saturated and greasy looking. Perhaps we can get together soon for a dry shampoo intervention. You rave about it all the time and i really feel like i’m missing out! xo

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