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Since my sister and I were little, we have always had a fascination with all things matrimonial. We would buy bride magazines and flip through, marking or tearing out the things we liked, saving them until eventually we would need them.  We took  “every little girl’s dream” to a whole new level of obsession.  Now with my friends starting to get serious and even engaged (Congrats Jackie!!), weddings have become the perfect premise for my guest posts.  And I promise that I will try to post once a week.

Your hair deserves jewelry too…

With the spring having arrived sunny and beautifully in Austin,  out have come the capris, and vibrant tops. My spring accessories have come back into full swing, especially my large flowered headbands. I love headbands and can’t imagine what I would do with out him, since I have the least tamable hair known to man. But, while putting on my favorite spring-esque headband, it got me thinking:  to veil or not to veil, that is the question. Though I know many prefer the traditional veil or a flower tucked into an updo, I can only imagine that I will be faithful to my adoration of headbands when it’s my turn. La Boheme and Ban.do have beautiful options, but my favorite way to find the perfect accessory is by digging around the Etsy shops to see what I can find. Here are some of my current favorites that I could easily picture moseying down the aisle in (and maybe even a veil or two):

  1. How wonderful could this piece be for your something blue! With the rhinestones and antique feel, I adore it!
  2. The simple elegance of this headband is what caught my eye. I could easily a 20s or 40s themed wedding where this clean elegance polished off the bride’s look.
  3. These two I love for the floral feel which I have been loving all week as a side affect of too much beautiful sunny weather here in Austin. Especially if you need some color in your piece.

  4. Now if you insist on a veil, I love the birdcage veil with a great hair piece for it to be connected  like this one with views from back and front:

  5. For the more traditional, Erica Koesles veils all have their own unique touches (her pins and combs are also pretty great) and you can find one in any imaginable length like this one. The triple edging gives it the indie feel I love.
  6. The last is specially just for Chelsea and anyone else who might love bling to the extreme…she adores sparkly.


  1. Tallulah
  2. 1920′s look sash headband with pearls
  3. English Garden sash or headband
    Flora Headband
  4. Jane Birdcage Veil
  5. Circle Folded Veil
  6. Rhinestone Headband
Katrina Stephens
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Katrina Stephens is a guest author and full time sister, writing a weekly feature about weddings. She is currently pursuing her bachelors at St. Edwards University.


  1. Hi Kat!
    Two questions. Am I too old for head bands? If not, how do you wear one with bangs like mine???

    Love You!


  2. of course you aren’t too old for headbands, in my mind, no one is! :) bangs do make it tricky though. with people who have bangs i think thicker headbands look better. no like thin plastic tiny ones. and put your bands forward and then place the headband( instead of pulling it back through your hair) right where your bang “line” ends and the rest of your head starts. I realize that isn’t that clear, but i will show you what i mean this weekend

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