me, my fabulous cousins, and our genius nails

Hope you are having a fab holiday weekend.  Me and the future hubs have just been wedding planning, playing with the dogs, and (sob) finishing Mad Men on Netflix.  The planning has been super exciting…and today we are planning on actually leaving the house! Can’t wait to hear about the fun you are having!

Madeline's nails inspired by Seventeen Magazine. This is talent, people.

Katherine and I, all thanks to Deborah Lippmann

Katherine's sparkly toes, all ready for her first night in heels!


  1. Love the nails.

    Also that cake!!!

    Need to get my hands on some Deborah Lippman polishes!

  2. Your nails look fab!!! Hope you’re having a great day today :) xoxo

  3. Madeline

    So much fun! Hope we can get together again soon. P.S. I check bucketsandbunches all the time. I love it!

  4. Katrina the Fabulous

    I am currently rocking bright pink nails with thumbs covered in hand painted tiny flowers. I am proud that I am not the only one in our family flaunting fancy claws. I miss all you pretty girls!

  5. i love your fun, festive nails!

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