put a bow on it

When whimsy and girlishness met, they had a baby and it was the over sized head bow… A giant, head-topping bow placed jauntily upon ones head just makes me smile. A big bow can serve multiple purposes:

  1. An over sized bow makes your head area larger, giving you a different, and most often, flattering proportion.
  2. You can tie a big bow around your head to elevate a simple outfit. Jeans and a boat-neck long sleeved t with a satin bow- YEAH.
  3. Um, it makes you and everyone who looks at you happy!
  4. Please just satisfy that inner four year old.

I think that if you are looking for a valentine’s day outfit you should try rocking a bow. big hair bows

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  1. Whoa. Could I do this? No. Would I be in love with anyone who did? Heck yes.

  2. I’m such a sucker for the perfect bow. If its girly I’ll take it.

  3. rox

    I totally bought these little bow clips to wear at comic con last year (they’re like crazy – pink leopard, neon…) – but now I’m thinking I need to take it out of my costume box & just rock it 24/7.

  4. Oh my word, how I love these bows!

  5. This is a fab assortment of bow-haired ladies! Never have tried a bow like this =)

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