set the mood: pastels

I used to hate pastels like it was my job. With a passion so strong you might have suspected that if the Easter bunny was to show up with a basket full of pastel eggs I would have taken him out back and shot him. Too far? Well, I really wanted to convey this hatred of pastels. Slowly as pastels have gained in popularity I have seen them styled to perfection. Mixed with patterns, neon, and brights I have found a place in my heart for them. I think that the images from the Chanel 2013 cruise collection set me over the edge. The pastel styling was over the top, and I found myself falling. Recently I have visions of pastels swimming behind my eyes in this candy land dream sequence. Here is a little glimpse…but imagine swirling candy hearts and fairy hued sherbert. Do you enjoy this soft palette?

Images Here


  1. Liz

    When you live in Florida where everyone is obsessed with neons and pastels, you get tired of them pretty quick. :(

  2. I’m cracking up at the thought of you shooting the Easter bunny…I’m not always a pastel girl, but a sweet shot of candy color is pretty hard to say no to!

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