THE best nail polish removers

Yes, I am making some bold claims over here today, but I am extremely confident. I love nail polish. I usually paint my nails at least once a week, and if I’m feeling indecisive or need the zen of nail painting, sometimes more. Since my favorites include some very dark colors and a lot of glitter, a polish remover that takes the hassle out of the process is a must. It is also important that the polish doesn’t kill my nails. I have two nail polish remover favorites. The first is Zoya Remove Plus Nail Remover.

It is a magic combination of extremely effective and gentle. It preps your nails for base coat, conditions, and is in a super convenient pump bottle. The cherry on top is the light scent. I love a nail polish remover that does not leave my head throbbing. My nail polish also lasts a lot longer before chipping because it removes the oils from your nails. I have also noticed that if I decide to go polish-free (which is not often) my nails are in great, non- yellowed condition. I swear by it, and one bottle has lasted me almost an entire year. You guys, seriously. This is a non-sponsored post simply professing my love.

My other go to is a little more pricey, but is perfection for traveling.  Deborah Lippmann’s The Stripper To-Go is a pack of six nail polish removing mitts. Yes, they are adorable little mitts that slip on to your finger tip. Since Deborah Lippmann creates my favorite glitter polishes, I was not surprised that her Stripper was the perfect solution for pesky glitter extraction. It actually smells nice (see the pattern?) and unlike travel polish remover pads I have bought from the drugstore, one mitt is enough to get off all of your polish. I swear by both of these, and if you are a finger nail painting fanatic, I would truly recommend both of these.

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  1. Is it naive of me to have not known other polish removers existed? Probably. I may have to look into the Zoya!! Not feeling high while beautifying would certainly be a plus.

  2. Oh I haven’t tried those! The ones I have aren’t great at all so I will de be giving these a try! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I absolutely have to give these a try…for the bi-annual polish! I’m so bad at keeping my nails polished!

  4. I never paint my nails with glitter for fear of having to spend an hour removing it a week later! Does the Zoya one work well for removing glitter too?

    Will definitely have to try it!

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