the modern bohemian: braids

While it is easy to achieve boho-chic hair (whether curly or straight, mess it up a little and add something intriguing), braids have been all the rage and luckily they don’t seem to be going anywhere.  It is important for these braids to be a little messy and free.  These braids shouldn’t be plastered down or have straight parts. Here are some inspiring styles and a how-to!

celebrities with bohemian braids

Sienna Miller

Fergie rocking a fishtail braid

Drew Barrymore

Mary-Kate, queen of boho-chic hair

styling your own bohemian braid

Once upon a time, when I worked at a yummy cookie shop, JD’s Chippery, I braided my hair back almost every day.  I can whip this out in minutes.  The key is pulling the hair under when adding strands of hair into the french braid.  This will add volume instead of making the braid flat on your hair.
Now, I learned how to braid on my barbies, but if you don’t have one around anymore just have fun with it! Experiment. GO BOHO!
For Sienna and Mary-Kate’s look add a braid from Amazon.
For braiding tutorials try 2good2lose.


  1. Lissy

    Oh my god! These braids tease me so… I love all of them, but I definitely don’t have your skills!


    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is very fun as well! I love these braids, but I am not very skilled at the actual braiding part, maybe I will have to take some time to master one of these boho braids this weekend!

    • Keely- The link to Amazon is for a braid extension, you can just wrap it around! There is mode Modern Bohemian to come, so stop by again! I loved the white dining room you featured and am actually about to put wall decals up in my apartment this weekend…I’ll post photos soon!

  3. Um. Your braid looks amazing. I wish I could do that.

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