vanity check: lashes

Ok, luvies, I am starting a new series that lets you in on my beauty faves.  I am obsessed with mascara.  And I know that you are thinking, “wow, that girl really needs a thesaurus…she seems to be “obsessed” with something every day”.  Well people, I’m a little bit obsessive.  I fixate.  This perfectionism has brought me hard times, but lucky for you, I think this obsessive quest for perfection when it comes to eyelashes will serve you well.  When I ordered the NYX Doll Eye Mascara online, it was a gamble.  This blind leap of faith paid off well.  First off all, it takes your lashes to fabulous new lengths.  Secondly, I love the color and your lashes won’t turn out crispy or clumpy.  And, I don’t know if this is normal, but I will have put on my eyeshadow, etc. only to have everything ruined when I put my mascara on and suddenly it is all over my eyelids.  I don’t know. I’m probably just some sort of makeup fool.  All I know is that I haven’t once had this occur with Doll Eye.  I have the lengthening version, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the volume and waterproof versions.  I even read that combining length plus volume coats will work pure magic.  Try it! Or, if you think you have a competitor, let me know what it is!


  1. The Beananator

    My vote still goes to DiorShow. No clumping, great thick brush to get every lash. It is even momproof(this is me hoping she doesn’t see this) . It is fantastic mascara and smells floral instead of weird like many mascaras. And yeah, so noone has ever smelled my eyelashes, but its still a nice comfort to know, if the time ever comes, they will smell clean and just a little bit like flowers.

    • I love DiorShow, but this is making my lashes look so much longer! I miss you so much! And- what are you doing up and blogging so early this morning?

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