boho chic: NEUTRALS

Today I am shamelessly showing off some new BLOGSHOP skills (thanks Bri and Angela) with this mood-board.  I love boho-chic, but honestly, I used to just dress like a hippie…and not in the good way.  Obviously, I have refined my taste over the years and understand how to be boho-fabulous.  Though I still love a bright funky bohemian look, today is about neutrals.  With the palette toned down, I give you permission to throw in as many feathers, sequins, and as much gold as you can!

  1. I just drool every time I look at the Kate Spade Westward collection.  This is the Westward Ingenue Clutch. I need it.  You need it too.
  2. These earrings are just so fabulous- These peacock feathers are by Annette Ferdinandsen and from Ylang23. Very versatile in my opinion.
  3. I am basically obsessed with friendship bracelets, and these grown-up stunners are by Ettika.
  4. Of course owning a feather headband is essential! Go to ASOS and look at it on her head- glorious!
  5. These Cobra Society boots are amazing.  I am really digging everything southwestern right now, and these just fall right into place.
  6. I am pretty sure I am going to be splurging on these See by Chloe booties.  They will work with everything right? Do you think the $360 is justifiable?

Feather clutch from ASOS, Fabulous “boho girl” from Hello Bombshell


  1. Allglamthings

    This is Beautiful Board! I love every item~very stylish!

  2. Ahh want all of those pieces!! Especially those boots! Is it totally weird that I am 50% prep 50% boho? My styles seem so opposite :P

  3. thanks for your comment son my blog! I love love love this whole selection you picked of boho items!
    I love all things boho, so this post is just right up my alley! love it all!

  4. That Kate Spade bag is to die over. Perfect for Fall!

  5. Great moodboard, sweetie! And I have that ASOS clutch! Got it for xmas and it’s one of my favorite things ever :)

  6. You had me at feathers!!! I love those flat booties!! So adorable.

  7. So glad I found you! Love these picks. Boho + neutrals = my favorite look!

  8. Your newfound skillz are pretty damn awesome, like that feather clutch. Holy mother of amazing.

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog-I am thrilled to have been lead to yours! The interior articles and the wonderful inspirations you have laid forth here are, to my delight, just what I have been looking for!


    Erin @

  10. um so much to say:

    1. that feather clutch just knocked me dead;
    2. your blogshop skillz are ahmazing;
    3. i loved your insomniac comment and agree that we NEED to exchange blog lists! email me!

    • I will email you asap. Thanks for complimenting my skillz…I did not win any contests at blogshop, so obviously my heart was broken. I’m serious. I now have to prove myself!

  11. I love and want every single thing you shared ! its awesome!

    Loved it and now got to see if i can own it (:


  12. I totally have that feather clutch and I’m in love with it!

  13. Oh geez, you are kidding me. This is so fantastic!! That clutch has me breathless, seriously. Nude, gray and gold, feathers and snakeskin = basically the best ever.

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