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Over at my house we were busy this weekend.  Cleaning, wedding planning, making some blog tweaks.  It didn’t so much feel like rest, but it felt productive.  I went through my closet in a real attempt to follow some of those “rules” about getting rid of stuff.  Things I learned:  my emotional attachment to my clothes is strong.  When I cam across dresses I hadn’t seen in a while it was like running into an old friend.  I know it’s sick, but it was a lovely reunion.  I strongly recommend looking at every piece of clothing in your closet…it really inspired me.  I have some new outfit ideas that I can’t wait to try out.

Anyways, here are some current obsessions.  Aren’t these new Free People items rad?  Their newest catalog is full of a laid back California vibe and I’m diggin’ it.


  1. OMG OMG obsessing over the Free People dress. I try and stay away from FP online or else I will buy everything. And I completely understand the attachment to clothing- I am the same way! Makes it hard to get rid of stuff, lol.



  2. oohh such gauzy, polka dotted loveliness!


  3. I LOVE that blue dress! The spots are so vintage and the color is so pretty

    Lovely Little Rants

  4. I get attached to clothes too — but it feels so nice to have a cleaned out closet of only clothes that I actually wear! Love your Free People picks, so fun!

  5. I love these items and I totally know what you mean about having an attachment to your clothes. hehe. Your blog is great, I just found it and definitely would love that polka dot dress, it’s a perfect color combo. Following you now on bloglovin

    I’m an aspiring fashion stylist here in SF if you have time to stop by

  6. Ha I know what you mean about it feeling like you’re running into an old friend. I’ve had the same feeling myself. Loving the polka dots! xoxo

  7. I’m having thoughts of Carrie cleaning out her closet in SATC! I’m so the same way! Ugh I keep doing mini cleanings but really it should be cleaned out 50%. Scary.

    • Yes! I didn’t do any fun modeling to a musical montage, but it was just as awesome. It was REALLY difficult to part with things. My name is Chelsea and I am a hoarder.

  8. Holy yes do I get attached to things. Every dress, every coat has a specific set of precious moments attached to it. I sound like Miss Havisham right now, don’t I? My point is that I know what you mean. And also that while I am shopping in my own closet, I would like to find that gauzy polka dot number in there.

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