my style: flair

That’s right! I am at it again! Another style shoot for you people. I have plans on meeting up with Molly to help me with photos in the future, but luckily David stepped in and helped me this time. Bonus, we actually had the camera with us, unlike last time.


So, the outfit. I am a polka dot addict and always faithful to comfy versatile skirts from American Apparel. I couldn’t help of thinking about Office Space and Jennifer Aniston with her flair as I piled goodies onto my lapel. This is basically an outfit I could wear to nanny and then throw on the chambray blazer and some red lipstick to meet a friend after work.

(I’m wearing: t-shirt Madewell / chambray blazer / American Apparel skirt / Anthropologie sandals old / “flair” Ban.do and Crew Cuts )



  1. Jessica Shay

    Love this picture http://bucketsandbunches.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/IMG_4328.jpg !

    I feel like that should be on your calling card – seems to capture both your intellectual and creative sides!

    Also – do I spy the ivory Michael Kors watch? jealous!

  2. Cute brooches! I just read in your “about” section that you’re in Houston – me too! It’s always good stumbling upon a local blogger

  3. ADORABLE! I haven’t “flair”ed up in a reeeally long time (I’m talking years). Love you in glasses too hehe

  4. Lissy

    Jshay–I totally agree!

    And I love the polka dots!

  5. This is adorable! First time on your blog and I’m smitten. How cute! The pins are the perfect detail, especially the sequins. Polka dots are a wonderful girly classic!

  6. What a fun website! I love the pops of “flair”! Super original and snazzy.

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