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not sure how to wear your tutu?

Take a tip from Kelly Ryan O’Brien and pair it with camo and tights. I am obsessed. It is rainy and dreary here in Dallas today, and this fun approach to style is just what I needed! Click through for more…

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  1. I have a seriously big and very purple crinoline I’ll call a tutu for this post, and I’ve no idea if I can wear it again (it was a senior year experiment with a corset and black lace overlay). Thinking it would make nice decoration…but I do love how the tights look above…not quite sold on the camo =)

    • I am not usually a camo girl myself, but I am liking it. I have several tutus and petticoats. My friend mocked me to pieces as I continue to move with them… but this gives me hope to try them out again. xo

  2. rox

    this is making me want to bust out the tutus that are currently shoved into 1 of about 4 costume boxes I have…

  3. This look is very whimsical and I think a tutu requires a little whimsy. This is also the point of fashion, I think. To have fun and dress how you feel or wear something that lifts your mood. I try not to take myself or fashion to seriously. Fun post.

  4. Katrina

    i dunno about this camo idea… i think it would clash with my leopard print.

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