oh how glamorous

My brain is just too foggy to write much today. However. Oh. holy. glam. Do you remember this editorial photographed by Terry Richardson, styled by Andrew Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar? I just die. I am going to have to create a situation for this level of glamor for myself sometime soon. In these photos I can smell coconut and feel a breeze… hbz-kate-upton-0512-1-xln-56446125 hbz-kate-upton-0512-3-de hbz-kate-upton-0512-6-xln-42183844 hbz-kate-upton-0512-8-xln-18529126 hbz-kate-upton-0512-9-xln-24685240


  1. I love this! Makes me want to put on some red lipstick and order a cocktail!

  2. Perfection. So Hollywood, I love it.

  3. Oh my, yes please!

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