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Young starlets are everywhere these days.  Hailee Steinfeld, 15, and Elle Fanning, 13, are heading up some major campaigns this year, and all I can think (besides coveting every Marc Jacobs piece and the Miu Miu shoes) is wow! They are so young.  This is not a new trend, Brooke Shields was shocking people in her Calvins at 14, and more recently Dakota Fanning posed in mini versions of Marc by Marc Jacob’s garments in 2006.
Elle Fanning is a self-proclaimed fashion addict, so it seems fitting that she is the newest face of Marc Jacobs.  Her shy/serious poses make her seem a little more mature, and I don’t know about you, but I am loving the coat and the deer print dress.

Do you remember these Dakota Fanning ads? Fall 2007 Marc for Marc Jacobs.

Hailee (you have probably seen her in True Grit) is the new face of Miu Miu, and forget the clothes, I want those glitter heels!

Thoughts on these young actresses as the faces of our beloved designers? I think they are pretty stunning, and so I am not too perturbed.  The only thing that frustrates me is when I am trying on clothes and I am convinced that they will only look good on rail thin figures, but this is nothing new and I’m not attributing it to these recent campaigns. Tell me your thought, loves.


  1. Everyone in the glamorous world always seems so young. Now that we know they actually are, it makes me wonder…what are these designers thinking! I think youthfulness has it’s place, but it shouldn’t be in designer fashion spreads. The pictures are undeniably cool, though. Hope you are doing well, BLOGshop friend!

  2. love all these photos! these girls are adorable!

  3. I do think these girls are darling, but at the end of the day designer clothing is generally for women. I don’t mind using prepubescent models in campaigns, but I don’t think they give a real concept of the clothes, and isn’t that what fashion is all about?

  4. What I love about Dakota, Elle, and Hailee is that in addition to doing some great photoshoots, they’re also seriously good actresses. And they’re not afraid to have fun.

  5. Hailee looks so happy to be lying amongst those glitter pumps – jealous!

  6. Hailee looks amazing! Love the retro photography style too.

    Elle definitely seems like she knows what she’s doing, but Dakota looked SO young — it is a little pedophile, isn’t it?

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