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Everyday for the past week I have wanted to kick off my shoes and relax with a beer.  It is hot here.  It feels like summer in Texas… temperatures are in the mid-eighties, the days are longer, mosquitoes are a buzzin.’  I actually am not a huge fan of the heat, or the sun.  I am actually not a vampire, as my description might imply, but instead a slightly moody very pale girl.  Something I can get on board with is mixing brights and pastels…and all of the colors in the rainbow.  This post is inspired by the colors of summertime and carefree clothes.

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Also, today I am over at A Piece of Toast participating in their “Styled By” series.  I would love for you to check it out.  On the flip-side (yeah, the flip-side) if you found yourself here at Buckets and Bunches for the first time after seeing me over there, thank you for coming! You can read more about the me and the blog right here.  You can take a sneak peek at our wedding, find some rad hair tutorials, talk about wedding planning and insecurities, look at my fave 100+ online shopping spots, catch up on the weekend, and just get an idea of what I love.  Thank you.  Thank you Molly and Sally for having me. Love you gals. xo



  1. I feel you- the hot Texas summer can be overwhelming! I agree, the pastels and brights this season make it worth the hot temperatures! :)

  2. Love! I’m a summer girl at heart and I’m just loving all of this. I’d leave the humidity and the mosquitos behind though. :) xoxo

  3. I agree. What is with this hot hot weather? It seems like we skipped right by spring! Loving those shoes.

  4. Love love love your images here! Those wedges are calling my name. Super fun.

  5. I secretly relieved you hate the heat and the sun–I couldn’t believe people happily lived in Texas when it’s so damn HOT most of the year! This post has me dreaming about the few short days I’ll spend in the heat this year!

    • Oh, I do know people that claim to love it. But no, I hate it. I get really uncomfortable, really grumpy, really excited when it rains! When you are in the heat, drinking a margarita, lounging by the beach or the pool- then it is ok to be hot.

  6. Love all the colors! I can’t wait until it stays warm for the summer here in the northeast.

  7. I’m so happy spring is just around the corner… the best time of the year!

  8. It does feel immediately like we skipped to summer in Houtson. I was looking forward to a few more months of outside activity before it started being sweaty. And mosquito free…

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