seductive vs. cozy

I recently reorganized my bureau and found that I have way too many pajama sets.  Actually, I am not sure if you can have too many pairs of adorable cozy pajama pants with cupcakes, leopard print, plaid and puppies on them.  I was thinking about the summers I used to spend at my grandparents.  My grandmother always wore silk pajamas, gorgeous robes, and glamorous house shoes.  I think I might need to up my game.  A little less frump, and a little more glamor might be good for me.  Tell me friends, how do you style yourself for lounge and bed time?

PS.  I am not even trying to suggest that there is anything wrong with pajama sets.  I love them. Seriously, love them.

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  1. pj time! i wear a white vintage-inspired pj set that has light blue trim, courtesy of J.Crew. i’m thinking i need a warmer pair for the coming winter, though!

  2. I have a sad set of pajamas … bottoms with no tops, sweats … nothing sexy in my pajama drawer!!!! But I love all of your choices!!! Maybe I should revamp my collection …

  3. Definitely seductive. I just like pretty things and I don’t like to wear pants to bed. I do have some comfy pjs but they’re all babydolls :)

  4. I am definitely a fan of being sexy yet comfy, glam yet practical for bed. I wear a lot of chemises, and if it gets cold, I throw on a cute long sweater. With my recent relocation from LA to Boston, I may need some classic flannel PJs!

    • Agreed, I need to find a balance. When I lived in Boston I didn’t have great heat in a REALLY old building and I wore super unattractive long underwear. Oh yeah. I was cold.

  5. I always go cozy but I see where you’re coming from. I’ll step up my game for my honeymoon :)

  6. hi chelsea, you have such a cute blog! the design is so clean and pretty.

    i have the opposite pj problem. i want (no, need) more cozy sets! now that i’m 8 months pregnant, comfy is definitely better. :)

    • Oh, I am sure! Well, I can provide you are list of awesome places to search for comfy if you need it. Thanks for the sweet words about the blog. I hope you keep visiting. xo

  7. Oh my gosh! That first frou-frou one just kills me! I am not the most frou-frou girl, and tend towards the comfortable, but man, you’ve nestled some ideas in my head. Delight!

  8. I love the idea of pretty, silky, sexy lingerie, but to be honest, I can’t see how it’s as comfortable as just wearing a pair of undies and a tank top! I also tend to overheat when I sleep, so the fewer layers (ahem), the better.

    Promise I will be fully clothed at Alt. :)

    • Hmmm…I am questioning our rooming situation…Just teasing. Also, I walk the dogs before bed and in the morning, so usually I am already lounging around for bed…might be awkward with the neighbors if I come out in lace. xo

  9. Confession-I’ve bought John a whole bunch of classic men’s pajamas, and I usually end up wear them over my pretty cotton chemises! Oh well…

  10. annie

    OMG Chelsea! Why did you have to post such an inviting picture of a comfortable bed? It makes me want to crawl in it but alas, I have many things to do today before I can hit the hay (didn’t mean to rhyme btw). My pajama style is totally comfy, and I dont like for my legs to touch while I’m sleeping so I have to wear pants. I have some cute tops I wear when they’re clean, but I cannot compromise on the pants! Great post today. Love your blog.

  11. That #1 dress/nightgown is GORGEOUS!

  12. I appreciate the sexy & cozy. Sometimes, it’s best to lounge in the cozy and some nights are best for the sexy. You gotta have both!

  13. Absolutely, love this!! #1 is super zexy. My poor husband is always trying to get me to dress less frumpy but we live in a house with windows and I can’t be showing my stuff to the whole neighborhood…hello.

  14. I’m ALL ABOUT sweatpants and hubby’s t-shirts when it comes to sleepwear. Maybe it’s time to invest in something a tad bit nicer, like that gorgeous robe!

  15. In LOVE with this post! I’m forever wrestling with this exact issue in my head. I’ve tried to purchase sleep “outfits” that are less frumpy but also comfy at the same time. That way I’ll still wear them, but they might be a bit more inviting for my husband! Your blog is beautiful by the way. Happy you left a comment today so I could come explore :) .

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