shameless ode to wildfox

There are days it is important to share feelings, life plans, thoughts. Today, is not that day. Today is a day for shamelessly loving Wildfox. I freely admit I stalked their items during that last shopbop sale, and wore my upside-down Eiffel tower shirt with glee last Friday. I love styling their cheeky ts and sweats with statement baubles. Even more than that I love that the brand was founded by childhood besties who celebrate being girls. Tonight when I was perusing my daily reads I cam across the photo-shoot for the Wildfox resort collection. I freely admit that anything inspired by grandmothers is right up my alley. Click through for more…

Going to Grandmas house as a kid you don’t really think of her as a young woman, you see her as she is, old and maybe a bit crabby, hilarious and totally picky, wearing outfits she’s had since the 60’s mixed with incredibly funny 80’s sweat suits and orthopedic shoes. You see her napping with a book on her chest, glasses slipping down her nose, her cat perched on the edge of the sofa like a sphinx, it smells like an antique store mixed with something sweet…


(Images and quotes via I Love Wildfox)



  1. This is FABULOUS–and I need a pair of red polka dot shorts in my life.

  2. I have never heard of this brand but I really like the looks in the photos you posted. It is very granny but also whimsy, I am going to have to check this line out in a little more detail. Thank you for sharing!

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