style shoot, kinda

About ten minutes before leaving for David’s birthday dinner at my mom’s house, I decided to grow some balls and do a style shoot. I love clothes, accessories and fashion, but with all of my issues, I never thought that I should get in front of the camera. I have been challenging myself this summer, however, and it felt appropriate to at least try. I’m not satisfied with my body, but I adore getting dressed up and know that a little styling can greatly help the figure. The entire thing was as impromptu as it sounds…

We gathered up the things we needed for the party, and jumped in the car thinking we could find a better backdrop for the pictures. It started raining and David forgot my camera. We didn’t have anyplace in mind for shooting, and I was feeling a little incomplete in my styling. We ended up taking pictures in front of a Tom Thumb on the iPhone.

Needless to say I have a new-found respect for fashion bloggers. Here are the silly, blurry, awkward iPhone shots from my first attempt at a style shoot. Some of them made me laugh so hard I just had to share them.
PS. I will be making a second attempt as I am on a shopping hiatus and with most of my clothes in Houston I am trying to get inventive with the pieces I have. I will share what I learn as I go along. The first lesson I have learned is that I need to put some more planning into this process and not shout at the person kind enough to take the pictures. Sorry, David


( Sweater Knit Top by Gibson, Wideleg Jersey Pants by Free People, Date letter ring by Macha, Kate Spade bangles collected over the years, Lulu Frost earrings, Seychelles clogs)


  1. Jessica Shay

    Love the shirt. And your hair!

  2. You look gorgeous! :)

  3. CC

    You look great :) Love the neon stripe!

  4. Bean

    Chels this is awesome and you look so pretty, even in the awkward shots. i am so proud of you and so proud of all the progress you have made this past year+ Love you

  5. Lissy

    Chels! You look beautiful!! So happy for you!

  6. Um, I’m thinking this is the first view (I’m seeing) of you wearing your amazazing wedding ring?! LOVE THIS COMPLETELY. I felt pretty silly doing shots for my hair post too. I think I’ll be easier over time ;)

  7. You look totally adorable. Think you might need to do these more regularly! PS your hair color is amazeballs

  8. Babe, you look so great!

  9. You really look radiant, and I love getting a glimpse at your fabulous style! Confession–I never even posted my first (and only!) attempt at style shoots, so BRAVA!!

  10. you are the freaking CUTEST! i love your style and these adorable pics.

  11. I still haven’t mustered up enough guts to try a blog fashion post – way to go – love the pop of neon too! Those gals that do these on a regular basis…..I don’t know how they do it! I’m never that put together :-)

    • I know…but it is motivating. I want to live a glam life and enjoy everyday fashion so I am going to keep on trying. It’s kinda fun, so give it a try! xo

  12. One word: ombre. OMG your hair is freaking fab. I am OBSESSED with that sweater top!!! Love how you styled it… And you know I want to steal those shoes, too. P.S. let’s get together soon (this weekend?) and I’ll take some style shots of you with my camera :)
    Love you!

  13. Love that sweater, that neon adds so much to the outfit! I remember what I first started doing outfit posts & feeling super awkward, don’t worry the more you do it the better you get :)

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