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styled for a sunday

Good morning happy campers. It’s Monday. Hang tight, though, it’s a mini week. And I am rolling off of a happy Sunday, which is rare.

I get those Sunday blues literally every week. I fought them off yesterday by enjoying the day. It was composed of photo shooting with hubs, a doggie birthday party at The Gingerman, and snacks and prosecco at Park Tavern to end the day. I love those friends that you see after a long time and just pick up right where you left off. Especially when they know the good, the bad and the ugly and still love you.
This outfit was all about comfort. And perseverance. I don’t love my body everyday, but I am determined to fight the good fight. I want to be fashionable and…shapely? curvy? I don’t have a good word for it. But I am on a mission, and you are going to see it right here! Those jeans are really the only pants I wear right now and are crazy soft. My mom lives in a pair of Current Elliot leopard jeans and I have wanted a pair for two years. Unfortunately I hate how jeans fit me. Leave it to ASOS to solve my problems. The fit of the clothes from ASOS always makes me happy. The vest is my moms, I adore it, and I am pretty sure she is looking for a way to lock me out of her closet. The perils of your daughter moving back in. More photos and shopping sources after the jump.

This last pose is a shout out to fashion bloggers everywhere. Pigeon toed and rocking a bun. xoxo

(ASOS Leopard Jeans, Vest borrowed from Mom, ASOS T , Free People Moto Boots (similar here), Erickson Beamon Earrings, Vintage Bracelet)


  1. look at you being all edgy and hot! you’re going to have to share the name of that lipstick with us, as well as how to make that amazing braid. i wish i could share clothes with my mom–super jealous.

    keep fighting the good fight. <3

  2. Holy cow. HOW DID YOU DO YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT??? In love. Also, you are gorgeous!

  3. I really love this post!
    Your blog is great dear!


  4. rox

    okay- so I’m obsessed with your jeans. and HOW did you do your hair like that??? do tell.

  5. Yep, you pretty much are a hair goddess. I have no patience for my hair ev-ver. Love seeing you ON our blog =)

  6. You look AMAZING in those pants! xx

    - Victoria

  7. The braid bun, the vest, the jeans, the boots, the accessories-you knocked this one out of the park!

    PS-I have another DFW trip planned…

  8. LOVE this look! That bun is BEAUTIFUL and that bag is AMAZING!


  9. Alison

    You are beautiful!! I think about you often, read your blog daily, and simply love your style!

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