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This past weekend we took a little jaunt to visit David’s folks in Florida. They live in Port St. Lucie these days, but we met up in Miami and stayed at The Biltmore.

The Biltmore has to be one of my all-time favorite places. David’s dad was the golf-pro there for years, and the kids ran around eating at the club thinking the golf course was their playground. It is historic (in Florida terms) and grand, with this tropical old school glamor. Seriously, it is so fab. I would move in a heart beat. There are these amazing bird aviaries in the lobby, which provided me with endless amusement. Since it was such a sort visit, and David had caught my virus, it was good to be holed up in such a gorgeous local.

Then there are the clothes. Miami this time of year is still mid eighties. So minimal accessories and a jumpsuit felt pretty right. The breeziness of this onseie was perfect for the balmy weather, and I thought the polka dots were quite festive and kinda said Christmas Island. I am not saying this is the most flattering outfit I own, but wearing polka dots makes me cheerful and I wanted to match the retro environment with a little retro vibe in my dress.

I am not going to lie, the weekend was built around two amazing meals. The first was Cuban food at Latin American Cafeteria. It is exactly how it sounds. It might not look like much, but holy food it is good. I recommend the buttered toast that is served when you sit down, the croquettas, and the ropa vieja. On Saturday, even through David spent the majority of the day sick in bed, he managed to gather enough strength to eat at Cafe Abbracci. I had the pumpkin ravioli and profiteroles. So. Good. Almost the entire staff is Italian, so David and his dad went back and forth with people they have known for years in Italian, and I love that. I love to see my man rocking it out in his pseudo mother-tongue. It was a short trip packed with reminiscing, storytelling, and some good eats.

Jumper: Asos Playsuit in Spot, Shoes: Seychelles Hydrangea , Earrings: Oscar De La Renta, Bracelets: Kate Spade Idiom Bangles (including All The Trimmings and Bridesmaid)


  1. I’m going to keep this short because I’m emailing you later: YOU LOOK FABULOUS. Makes me want to wear a romper.

  2. Umm, you are seriously gorgeous. I love the outfit, and given that it’s 30 degrees right now, I will imagine myself hanging out at an lush Miami hotel right now. More outfit posts!!

  3. Lissy

    You look so lovely! Jealous of the warm weather!

  4. LOVING your polka dots!!! And the backdrop for these photos is stunning! xoxo

  5. Yay for the Biltmore! We actually almost got married there! Such a great place! And you hit all of the right restaurants!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  6. Holy Christmas Island, this is FABULOUS!

  7. That is where I got married!!! Beautiful isn’t it? well the ceremony was down the road at Little FLower and the reception was in that hall at the Biltmore. I’m actually going this coming weekend!

  8. rox

    I’m lovin’ those shoes girl.

  9. Mari

    Chelsea, you are beautiful!!!

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