those are stars…

… on her pants. Gah. I hate all my clothes right now. Well, I hate the ones that fit. Barf.
(Source unknown except my Pinterest! Help me identify this. )


  1. Yeah, this rocks. I’ve been wearing the same rotation of sweats lately. No point in lounging around the house in tight jeans. This picture almost has the same quality of a Free People catalog, but the clothes not so much.

    • Oh my gosh, I know that feeling. I look like a teenage stagehand today. All black and David’s black hoodie. I even went to the store dressed like that! Agh. I think the nuances are what make it. Like the white dog hair all over my leggings. :)

  2. And that cable knit sweater on top? Love it.

  3. you’re inspiring us to write a galaxy-themed post…these are fantastic. & we know how you feel, we need a new wardrobe {preferably spring-inspired} stat.

    ps, your blog is adorable, we’ll be back!

    a & l

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