you’re a fox!

I’m feeling foxy. Are you?  “Skulk”  a fox wood sculpture by Shawn Smith with Balsa Wood, ink, and acrylic paint is kinda blowing my mind!  If that doesn’t  give you your fix, this Jill Stuart Ready to Wear, Fall 2011 collection will certainly get you in the spirit!

If not foxy, then woodsy?

And if you aren’t up for the literal interpretation, lets play dress up these in the rest of the collection and simply look like the stone cold foxes we are!

This last dress is my favorite. I love the geometric design, the palette, and the scalloping. Beautiful! Ok, ladies, obtainable things are going to be flooding the blog soon.  I didn’t realize I had been playing for so long in the slightly-more pricey range. I am prepared to remedy that. There is a fun hair tutorial in the near future and some about town in Dallas shots!


  1. That dress is amazing! I couldn’t pull it off at all, but it’s gorgeous. xx

  2. Agree, that last dress is stunning! Gorgeous color palette, and a cut that’d be flattering on lots of people.

  3. That fox sculpture is all kinds of awesome – how clever!

  4. The prints and bold geometric designs are fantastic! I love the fox dress. And the blue/green/black dress too.

  5. Such gorgeous pieces-who cares if they’re out of this girl’s budget?

  6. Wow that “pixelated” fox sculpture is super cool!! And totally loving the Jill Stuart collection. I’m right there with you, love the new geometrics, especially that orange/tan number.

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