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a work in progess… with poms

So, we moved up to Seattle with a car full of stuff. No shipped boxes, no U-Haul, nada. Our relocation came about quickly and all of our things are in a storage pod. Our apartment is rented by a corporate housing company. It came fully furnished and “decorated”. When we moved in it looked very sterile, very hotel like. The highlights being the “funky” throw pillows and generic art…Oh, and those lamps… Read more…

Chassie Post Loft

chassie post via miles redd

I have not been able to get this loft out of my head recently. I love it when fashion or decor is treated like the fun that it can be, with whimsy and humor… This loft belongs to lifestyle editor Chassie Post and her family and was featured on Billy.

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Hovey Wallpaper for Anthropologie

creep week: decorating with the dead

If you have an aversion to skulls, bones or taxidermy please click away and come back tomorrow. Decorating with the dead, if you have the inclination or stomach for it, can be hauntingly beautiful. Read more…

headboard love

I adore my sister. I am totally jealous of Molly and Sally, and love reading about Joslyn’s daughters growing up as best friends and sisters. I am going to visit her this weekend (yay) and even though she is crazy busy as well, she agreed to pop over here periodically and contribute. I hope that someday we live in the same city again and can collaborate all the time. Enjoy the post, and expect more Katrina goodness soon!  She posted an awesome Christmas craft box wish list, and she is the Pinterest queen, so I am pretty excited… her post is after the jump!
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wedded bliss day 2

Today I’m so excited to have Jacquelyn of Lark and Linen over on Buckets and Bunches. I’ve been a long time follower of her blog and was thrilled when she agreed to write as part of this week’s blog series. Her style is timeless and perfectly suits the concept of everlasting love. Enjoy!

everlasting love

While a part of my job as an Interior Designer entails keeping up with the trends, it irks me when said trend goes out of style leaving your space feeling “so two thousand and ten” (read: I have a black and white stripped wall that I’m dying to paint over already). Whenever I’m on the hunt for a trendy piece (be it furniture or clothing) I make sure that it’s something that can easily be undone. Whether it’s an inexpensive throw pillow cover or a cheap diy (hi stripped wall!), there are ways to stay current without feeling guilty when it’s time to update your space. When it comes to big investments, I tend to save up and spend my money on good quality, classic items that will last throughout the times. The following are a few stunning pieces that will surely remain that way for years to come.
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it begins

This is the week before I get married. Yes! It is finally here. I am excited about that, obvi, and about have some fab guest posts lined up for you this week.  We are starting with Tobe.  I sent my guest bloggers titles based on the overall theme, Wedded Bliss. I told Tobe her’s was “falling in love” and I adore her interpretation.  This lady is talented and sweet as pie.  I know, I met her at Alt.

falling in love

Hello, Buckets and Bunches friends! Tobe from Because It’s Awesome here, super excited to be standing in for Chelsea during such an exciting time in her life! When Chelsea first asked me to do a post around the topic of falling in love, I couldn’t help but go straight to interiors (those of you that are familiar with my blog might have expected this). While my taste is varied to say the least, there is one particular style that always brings me home. Lately, I’ve been finding myself falling in love with modern earthy glam all over again.
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curiouser & curiouser

This post is a wonderland of our favorite furniture finds. Chelsea and I want to play a little game to see if you can distinguish our taste.  One of us is Tweedledee and one is Tweedledum; can you tell who is who?
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grey & gold

You all know that I love grey.  I am still as obsessed as ever with grey and pink as a color combo, but looking at the holidays I am really digging grey and gold.  It is so rich looking and you can do so much with textures.

Grey and Gold Inspiration

My Grey and Gold Picks

{ Swash Scarf, Miu Miu Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Zadig and Votaire Sweater}


I am loving SWALLOWFIELD‘s  illustrations by Jennifer Judd-McGee.  I adore flowers in any shape or form and find these perfectly boho-chic, graphic and fun. Be sure to check out Jennifer’s blog too. Here is a peek!

Yellow House

Brown Vase

Gray Buds

The Gladdest Thing

Bloom and Grow

Summer Flowers

A Room of One's Own

{Top image from Swallowfield, “Tell My Love the Secret}

loving lucite

I think my love of Lucite probably stemmed from Domino.  I love Lucite chairs, Lucite coffee tables, Lucite purses…the list goes on and on.  We now have a coffee table ( I know, you can’t wait to see my living room) but when we just had a giant ottoman I went on the search for a Lucite tray to top it.  I adore the ones from iomoi, but they are a budget buster, ranging from $150 to nearly $1,000.   Oh, when I make it big, I will fill my home with their trays and ice buckets; they are hand made and fabulous.  So, I am going to give you some eye candy, but follow it up with some more budget friendly options.

iomoi Lucite Trays

Dabney Lee Lucite Tray

Dabney Lee has some great options ranging between $120-$130.  Love the patterns and the monogramming:

Jonathan Adler Lucite Trays

These Jonathan Adler cuties are slightly friendlier to the wallet- coming in at $98:

Pretty Smitten Lucite Trays

Pretty Smitten has some lovely trays at only $70:

Top image here

secrets? a cute stylist? yes please!

Hello friends!  Do you watch Secrets from a Stylist?  I am digging this new season.  David and I have a slight addiction to HGTV- as in, if we spent as much time doing projects as we do watching the channel, our house would be sure to wow.  Anyways, Emily Henderson is a doll.  She is super cute; I love all of her high-waisted jeans this season.  She’s rockin’ a little 70′s flair. And- I think Emily might love a good sheepskin throw as much as I do.  HGTV describes her style as boho-chic, which you know I love.  Anyways, let’s just get to the real fun- her portfolio and my favorite room from the season thus far.

Emily Henderson’s Portfolio

So these are from her portfolio.  I love the eclectic styling.

Favorite Room from the Show

Ok, this is my favorite room so far.  Emily describes it as 70s Funky Elegance.

Gorgeous Sling Chair

And lastly…I am obsessed with these sling chairs I saw on the show.  I want them. Now! I am on the hunt for something similar.

What I found…

Ok, I am still on the hunt for chairs that are identical to this AND affordable (is that demanding? Well, I’m a little bit of a princess).  Here are a few that capture the spirit of the chair. Yes, the spirit.

David’s Selection

I know.

breakfast nook

Finally, an area of the house that looks pulled together! Pulling together a house is big work, and before I started nailing things on the wall, I needed the go-ahead from my mom.  Yes, you heard it.  I will always need my mom.  As for the pieces, I found the light fixture at Uncommon Objects in Austin.  Oh, I could spend hours there- love it! I collected the posters in Paris a couple of years ago…I thought I was tired of them, but they pull the little space together.  The place-mats and napkins are an estate sale find.  In case you were wondering, David is highly supportive of all the shades of coral on the first floor of our house- obviously, he is a keeper. It is a little bit cottage-like for me, but I am just going to keep editing until I am satisfied.  Right now I am just so happy for my mom and David’s help, and I love that it is cozy.  The perfect place for sipping coffee and chatting with family and friends.

lovely, just lovely

My love of design and vintage jewels collide with Alisa and Jeremy.  He is a jeweler, she is an artist. I love the sweet as pie cinemagraph of the couple by Jamie Beck…

…followed by their lovely house tour as part of the From Me to You “At Home With” series.  I loved this apartment so much I tried to convince David that from now on we always put out mattresses on the floor.  He reminded me of The Great Mouse Invasion Of 2006 (very old building in Boston) and the thought of critters maybe making it onto the bed, no matter how rodent proof our house is now, turned me off a little.  But I am determined to convince him that a little taxidermy is what every home needs.

Aren’t they adorable?
I only included a few pics of the tour, so you should definitely head over here and see the rest.

Ok, if that wasn’t enough lovely for your day, here are some of the gorgeous jewels from Erstwhile Jewelry Co..  I love how Jeremy is a fourth generation jeweler, carrying on tradition.  A fab apartment and a life of art and jewel collecting! Too much.

Cartier Bullion Pendant

Gold Figa Charm Bracelet

Gold Gucci Buckle Bangle

Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring

Victorian Turquoise and Diamond Ring

Aldo Cipullo Cartier Pendant

snippets of my bedroom

David and I bought our first house this year, and even though I am so excited to decorate and have tons of ideas, some things are just happening slowly. Like our bedroom.  We used to have a fun Anthropologie quilt on our bed, and though I loved it, I because obsessed with the idea of turning the bedroom into a calm oasis, chic, a little romantic, with vintage flare.  In the next few weeks I should have all of the components ready to go, but for now, here is the progression of an idea.
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instagram art

I heart Instagram.  Now, there are haters out there..not real photography, blah.  But I love it.  You can live vicariously through people, find inspiration, keep up with brands, and oh, your friends of course!  Now, lets take it to the next level.  Instagram art.  David and I are trying to use the app to stay connected while he is in Chicago, to get more peeks into each others lives those four days we are apart every week.  After we amass a few, I can’t wait to make one of these, may I say, masterpieces. I love this idea. Here are a few examples:
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