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buckets and bunches faves

on repeat #1

I don’t usually just like things. I love them. I usually develop full blown obsessions. For no other reason than documentation and pure fun, I am going to chronicle those loves. This week:

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obsessed: catbird

The obsession with Catbird continues. The perfect mix of traditional and non-traditional, I die over their jewelry.

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back in love with my socrate

You know how sometimes when you are browsing Pinterest or window shopping, you get really greedy and stumble your husband a shitload of gorgeous rings as a “someday” upgrade to your wedding band? Read more…


a new set of fangs

I keep thinking I might get over everything that is magical, monster filled, and vampire related, but it just hasn’t happened. Read more…

the gimmes: lulu frost orchid earrings

Ugh. I want these so bad.  These orchid earrings by LuLu Frost are absolutely stunning.  They are just so cool. Read more…

the gimmes: georgian all seeing eye ring

The Gimmes today are brought to you by Erstwhile Jewelry.  I am obsessed with the Georgian All Seeing Eye Ring.  It’s just plain cool. I will be back with a legit, lengthier post later. Hope you had a nice weekend. xo Read more…

hippity hop

Rabbits have long been symbols of both abundance, fertility, and also playful sexuality and trickiness.  They are also cute and have silhouette perfect for graphics. I love bunnies.  I generally love animals and along with elephants and unicorns I am starting to have quite the little collection.  Just in time for Easter, I thought I would share some things on my bunny wish list.  First up, rabbit jewels. They are playful and pretty, what more could you ask for? Read more…

necklace go-to

I was getting dressed Friday afternoon and I threw on my go-to necklace. It is a three strand, faceted glass bead necklace. I wear a lot of color and a lot of pattern, so this necklace can be the perfect finishing touch. It is neutral, but still such a statement. When I found it I had been looking for a Lucite bead necklace for a long time. It is a bit heavier than Lucite, but I love it just the same. If you ever come across a necklace with some kind of bead that is in the clear, neutral category, get it. It is such a staple.
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the gimmes: turquoise from mociun

The Gimmes today are all about turquoise jewelry from Mociun. I want it all. I love the deco designs, but I am also obsessed with the delicate Moon and Stars band. Which would you choose?
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the gimmes: cartier love bracelet

On any given day you can find me struggling with a serious case of “the gimmes.” So, I have decided to document my material girl side in a series posts called, the gimmes. To start it off, the Cartier Love Bracelet.  So, I have had a love affair going with the Cartier Love Bracelet for a long time.  This fabulous Cartier commercial coupled with seeing the bracelets in person several times recently has reignited the flame.  Sigh, it is a big fat dream, but I love how they can look so classic or can be layered up for a little bit of a boho look.  Read more…

hippty hoppity

My bunny love has been well documented. Right up there with narwhals, unicorns, and terriers bunnies ,are my fave.  I have also documented my love for FINN jewelry.  When Katie announced her proposal with a FINN love knot, I was so happy and jealous.  Today they unite to form the super jewelry= the FINN bunny.  I know I have had requests to get the prices down on items I gush about, but ya’ll it’s the FINN bunny!  Soak it up. Love it. Send it to me… you remember my birthday was just last week, right?

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wedding bands

I know it isn’t my normal day for wedding posts, but I had to share!  David and I ordered our wedding bands today.  I had been looking for a while and the only problem I had is I love beautiful rings.  I fell in love with about one hundred bands.  If David ever wants to buy me a little something shiny he has an entire file of rings.  Our issue had been finding a band for him.  Um, is it just me, or are man-bands a little boring?  Enter Macha Date-Letter.  I have long been in love with their Dandelion ring, and I was browsing around a few days ago when I found the Date Letter line.  These rings are stamped with a lion that represents the sterling silver and an “m” marking the year (2011) they were made.  True, our actual wedding is in 2012, but this has been a major year for us and M will be my new last initial.  We fell in love with these unique rings and placed the order yesterday.  I am so excited.  We are already looking forward to putting the rings together and chanting in true Captain Planet style.
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perfect for…

I spotted this fabulous “For the Queen” opal ring by Isabel Marant in Matchbook Issue No. 9 yesterday.  Immediately obsessed, I hopped on over to Net-a-Porter and scoured the entire collection.  Needless to say, these beauties are going on my wishlist.  What do you think, loves?


Leopard print. Love it or hate it? I adore it…there are so many fabulous options this fall. This is just a dip into the leopard pond, friends.  Oh, and how amazing is that Cartier leopard on set…or the one pawing at the shop window?

{Top image taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson}

i have zero willpower

Yes. It’s true. I have no will power.  What is that, you say? You already knew about my shopping addiction.  Fine.  Here is the latest thing I MUST have.  I love J.Crew capsule collections.  They are so well edited and special. I am also an art deco fanatic (it’s even a major part of my wedding, here and here), so I am not sure why it has taken me so long to choose something from the Lulu Frost for J.Crew collection.  I love how this collection combines art deco shapes and inspiration with fresh pops of color.  If you love this collection as much as I do, get on over and make your purchase, as pieces are already selling out! Now…should I choose something, or just get one of each?

A little more art deco fun:

“Art Deco Poppy”

Bakelite Art Deco Box

“Moderne Headwrap” BHLDN

“Novella” wallpaper, by Graham and Brown

{top image via}

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